Packaging Dilemma Solved with Multi-Functional Cartons | Retail

10/26/2020 RRD

Packaging Dilemma Solved with Multi-Functional Cartons | Retail

RRD accommodates both two- and three-dimensional products in one customized package 


A client’s newly-developed, reusable clothing patches presented a unique dilemma for packaging designers. They were able to attain a desired high-end look by using a carton, but an added challenge arose that they hadn’t anticipated. 

The carton itself was fairly straightforward, but it required an insert to house and display its contents — two-dimensional patches and a three-dimensional glue stick — while hanging on store displays.

Due to the size and orientation of the display window and the carton’s outer dimensions, the stationary insert needed to hold the patches in an upright position. It also had to accommodate more than one hundred different graphic options.  


The packaging and inserts went through several iterations before arriving at an effective multi-functional design. RRD’s final solution incorporated:

  • Pop-up tabs die-cut into the carton insert to hold the patches 
  • A paperboard tray with a designated slot for the glue stick
  • A window to enable clear viewing and easy understanding of how to use the product ensemble
  • Semi-tamper-proof packaging

As volumes increase and the manufacturer better understands the end-user purchasing decisions, the paperboard inserts will be replaced by a plastic tray. This will eliminate the paperboard tray and the film laminate for the window, resulting in a more rigid and lower cost package and faster fulfillment.

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