RRD research & customer experience services bring audiences to life & uncover the “why” behind customer behavior.

Dedicated to truly understanding your customers, products, and markets — we conduct qualitative and quantitative research to offer a complete picture of the customer perspective. When our discoveries are used to drive change, material performance improvement is attainable.

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Customer Research

Like its name suggests, customer research is all about current and potential customers. It’s one of the quickest and most effective ways to generate worthwhile insights. It elicits feedback to ensure campaigns are focused and identifying unmet customer needs — and opportunities for growth.

  • Bring target audiences to life
  • Discover needs and motivators
  • Understand multi-channel usage
  • Identify conversion barriers
  • Gauge customer satisfaction
  • Measure net promoter score (NPS)
  • Benchmark user experiences
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Product Research

Good news: gone are the days of sterile lab settings and drawn out behind-the-scenes R&D that takes months to produce meaningful results. Today, product research keeps pace with consumer demand and customer demands, offering an output that helps brands avoid costly production mistakes, drive innovation and align with the needs of your customers.

  • Understand product usage
  • Test new concepts
  • Set product pricing
  • Uncover perceptions
  • Prioritize features
  • Predict success or failure
  • Project revenue

Point of Sale Research

It's the moment of truth: your customer is ready to buy in-store or via e-commerce. What are they thinking? What are their motivations? How do they perceive you and your competitors? Is pricing upside available? What will swing their decision in your favor?

Our experienced team of researchers provides actionable insights that help you optimize critical in-store/on-site interactions. This can be accomplished via in-field studies, virtual studies, and guided e-commerce research.

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Market Research

Will consumers buy your product?

Fortunately — and cost-effectively — market research aims to understand all the variables that affect how consumers will react to your product. By listening to people’s needs through systematic data collection and analysis, brands are empowered to make better decisions, predict future success and reduce risk.

Highly skilled in all research methodologies, we conduct testing where it matters the most, whether it’s in our purpose-built lab or in the field with your customers.

Qualitative Methods

  • Focus groups, mini groups
  • One-on-one interviews
  • Dyads and triads
  • Shopalongs
  • Web usability testing
  • Emotional response testing

Quantitative Methods

  • Web surveys
  • Phone surveys
  • Email surveys
  • Intercept surveys
  • Mail-fax surveys
  • Field and lab experiments

Our expertise becomes your competitive advantage.

Custom built, never prepackaged. Designed around your budget and time constraints. Findings include actionable solutions. Qualitative insights integrated with analytics.

Customer Experience Lab

With over 2,100 square feet of dedicated research space, RRD’s on-site Customer Experience Lab was built around our commitment to making research the driving force behind your marketing success. Our forward-thinking technologies and functional layout enable compelling live study observations, and deliver unbiased results that can help shape the future of your business.


Lab features:

  • Separate entrances for observers and participants
  • Customizable, private and sound-resistant participant rooms
  • Discrete observation and real-time audio visual
  • Seven different hidden camera viewing options
  • Amenity-rich observation rooms — complete with a full kitchen, Wi-Fi, office work space, and whiteboards
  • Convenient, midwest location (seven miles from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport)
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Lacy Schuette, Vice President, Consulting & Partnerships
Lacy Schuette
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Lacy Schuette, Vice President, Consulting & Partnerships
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