With Acuity by RRD™, marketers reach clear conclusions about multiple creative concepts (e.g., incentives, format, color, imagery, discounts vs. rebates, size, shape, etc.) to optimize their next direct mail campaign before it’s launched.

Traditional in-market A/B testing can be an expensive, lengthy process of trial and error. Instead of waiting months for test results, leverage Acuity by RRD to obtain feedback on not only what converts, but why it works — at a fraction of the cost and time.

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Why pay for production and postage if you don’t have to?

By pairing the Acuity mailbox — our exclusive digital mail-sort simulator — with predictive analysis, this highly efficient alternative to live direct mail testing reduces mailing costs while increasing response rates through improved creative and targeting.

The Advantage of Acuity by RRD

Today’s marketers need to improve response while lowering costs. And they need to do it with smaller budgets and less time. Good news, Acuity’s benefit-rich approach delivers:


Identifies winning direct mail packages and elements without the cost of production and postage.


Reveals sub-segments that respond positively and negatively to different elements.

Reduced Time
to Results

Determines the creative execution that will generate the best return in as little as four weeks — not months.


Highlights the creative elements that resonate and provides insights to enhance the final package.

Nearly half of marketers consider themselves ‘data informed’ yet use data ‘after-the-fact to find out what worked and what didn't.’ — TrackMaven
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A New Way to Test Direct Mail at a Fraction of the Cost and Time

If you came across a direct mail solution that could generate the same results in about a third of the time and cost, wouldn't you consider it?

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Get results, fast.

Drawn-out guessing games have no place in your direct mail testing. Flip traditional testing on its head with our experienced Acuity by RRD team.


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