This era of now has pressured brands to create hyper-personalized customer experiences at unprecedented speeds.

Keeping pace requires an awareness of the disconnect that exists between offline journeys and digital experiences.

Future customer behavior must be shaped by a transformative solution. One that expands traditional touchpoints along the customer journey into points of impact that meet needs, solve problems, and produce measurable outcomes.

We have a solution that fits this description: DX Attune by RRD℠.

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Already at work in your industry

DX Attune is a consultative marketing and communications solution that helps brands connect the dots between customers’ online and offline experiences.

This new offering leverages RRD’s combined visibility into digital and print data to solve some of the greatest challenges for today’s marketers: rapidly evolving technology platforms, siloed data, content creation, large financial investments, and multiple vendors to manage.

Pulled directly from our client work, here are a few industry-specific examples to illustrate DX Attune’s ability to overcome these obstacles.

  • Retail & Grocery
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    Retail & Grocery

    To drive digital engagement of your catalogs, circulars, and flyers, transform them.

    Sharing a digital catalog via social channels is one effective and immediate way to engage readers and inspire a visit to the store.

    This digital catalog solution — made possible by DX Attune — creates opportunities to:

    • Design a digital circular with the intention to drive up demand online and in-store
    • Deliver hyper-personalized offers that appeal to individual customers based on past purchase behavior
  • Automotive
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    According to recent research from Cox Automotive, two out of three car shoppers are more likely to buy a vehicle through a process that is 100% online.

    As consumers spend more time online to conduct their research, manufacturers (and dealerships) should ensure their websites are viewed as a useful, fully integrated resource for prospective buyers.

    DX Attune helped one major auto manufacturer:

    • Design immersive digital brochures that were fully responsive to all screen sizes
    • Deliver interactive content across multiple marketing channels
    • Engage consumers with a rich media microsite to connect IQ with EQ-expanding lifestyle requirements
  • Travel & Hospitality tab
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    Travel & Hospitality

    Pre-pandemic, menus for international flights were either stored in seatback pockets or handed to passengers via flight attendants.

    Today, DX Attune powers a safer, touchfree solution. For example, RRD is currently helping a major airline deliver menu content safely and accurately through a redesigned menu experience.

    We’ve developed dynamic digital menus to display via mobile phone and on the in-flight entertainment system. The menus feature variable content that accounts for time of day, flight time, country of departure (and arrival), and cabin class.

  • Healthcare
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    Plan enrollment brings on anxious anticipation for consumers as they compare and contrast complex medical plans.

    Through DX Attune, a large health plan successfully executed an integrated approach to help influence healthier outcomes as soon as a member selects a plan.

    By creating a personalized, WCAG compliant welcome page via RRD’s ConnectOne Storefront portal, valuable benefit information remains at a member’s fingertips well into the next enrollment cycle.

  • Financial Services tab
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    Case Study

    See how DX Attune helps an international investment bank automate delivery for compliance documents.

    See The Case Study

    Financial Services

    For consumers, the personal loan process can be full of stress and complexity. Virtual assistance can intuitively help consumers navigate their way to successful approval.

    For one client in this sector interested in this virtual approach, DX Attune helped create the following opportunities:

    • Provide a secure data platform to check consumer credit status
    • Deliver personalized omnichannel communications of the offer — direct mail with personalized URL and email with personalized URL for two-way verification
    • Enable instant gratification with approval or pre-approval messaging from a loan officer
    • Generate a nurture campaign to slow the instinct to shop around for non-respondents

Behind the scenes

With the help of RRD developers, DX Attune by RRD is driven by a customized approach via a suite of specialized RRD products and services. RRD’s solutions are also platform-agnostic and work in concert with existing systems through API connectivity.

The end result will always be the same: Expand traditional customer journeys and create clear, addressable points of impact that meet customer needs, reduce internal roadblocks, and produce measurable outcomes.

Now we both know getting there is no easy feat. So what’s in it for you? (Glad you asked.)

No need to start from scratch. Existing touchpoints in your customer journey are factored in and then expanded to create a refined experience with measurable outcomes.

Lower financial risk. The need for large investments in infrastructure and process changes to enable digitization is eliminated.

Personalization that’s feasible and effective. Personalization options that are configurable for both offline and digital channels are baked into the solution. A utilization of best practices in existing processes and modules removes any need to force fit an off-the-shelf solution.

Fewer (big) changes across the board. A more optimal user experience is engineered without large scale changes in infrastructure, adoption of new technology platforms, or the need to work with multiple vendors.

Case Study

DX Attune transforms auto manufacturer’s static brochure to interactive, immersive experience

See how it happened.

Consumers typically spend more than nine hours online researching vehicles on their path to purchasing a new car, according to research from Cox Automotive.

To meet car buyers where their research happens, one major auto manufacturer decided it was time to rethink its approach to the static digital brochure.

An interactive, immersive solution

To initiate a solution, RRD activated its Digimag platform, which is device-agnostic, responsive, and engineered to seamlessly transform static PDFs into interactive experiences. In this particular case, as an execution partner, RRD created two turnkey solutions — a product Digimag and custom microsite — to support the unveiling of select new model launches.

These parallel solutions adhered to the client’s brand guidelines and accommodated the manufacturer’s need for an evolving and expanding brochure — as specs, trim levels, options, and additional product imagery became available leading up to the launch of a new model.

Specific to the custom microsite development, RRD also incorporated a signature element of the brand as a critical component to the navigation bar. This brand-forward, interactive design cue is responsive across multiple devices, in multiple resolutions.

In the end...

RRD’s progression from PDF to Digimag to custom microsites delivered this client everything they were missing from their static approach:

  • Accessibility compliance
  • Super functionality
  • Real-time feedback and analytics
  • Engaging brand experience

In 2020, this client’s brochures went completely paperless with RRD’s support. Additional performance highlights from 2020 include:

  • 2.35 million Digimag brochure visits
  • Average time per brochure visit was 9.3 minutes
  • 18 million microsite pageviews
  • 53,000 clicks requesting more information

Are your customer journey maps accurate?

From new normals to new behaviors, the pandemic has impacted the customer experience. Do you have the right insight into how customer journeys are changing? Or better yet, do you have enough to get started?

An accurate customer journey map is the driving force behind DX Attune’s effectiveness. RRD’s research and customer experience services help brands effectively understand a customer’s perspective, needs, and motivations. From here, they’re ready to create points of impact missing from their current journey.

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Case Study

Customer Journey Mapping Guides Account Opening Process

Learn how our customer journey mapping helped one of the largest banks in the U.S. increase online account openings by 54%.

See the Case Study

When digital transformation becomes the byproduct

DX Attune by RRD is not about force-fitting your customer journey into a digital-first platform. It’s about helping our clients connect their customers’ offline journey with a personalized, richer customer experience built on an existing framework.

Get to know DX Attune by RRD.

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