Optimize your communications ecosystem

Navigating the interconnected pathways across today’s communications landscape can be overwhelming. ConnectOne by RRD delivers a 360-degree view of your communications ecosystem, helping to uncover opportunities for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness.

Driving performance where it matters

ConnectOne is a comprehensive, end-to-end communications management platform that combines best-in-class technologies with RRD’s industry leading expertise and unmatched network of production resources.

It optimizes all the right things in your communications supply chain:

Workflow automation. Improve efficiency, velocity, and on-time performance

Content management. Enhance brand integrity with enterprise-scale Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Automated composition. Streamline the composition process to improve ROI and productivity

Actionable BI reporting. Data-driven process improvement, from concept to delivery

Web2Print+. On-demand, brand-compliant customization with digital delivery

Collaborative proofing. Speed the review and approval process with shared, online access

Personalization at scale. Data-driven communications to enhance CX

Program management. End-to-end visibility and a single source of truth for improved compliance, cost savings, and control

We think it’s time you see everything.

Not only are you expected to create and deliver impactful, on-brand multichannel communications with rapid speed, but you’re also challenged to control costs and gain clear visibility of your full communications supply chain.

ConnectOne enables and expedites the creation and delivery of high-impact communications. It also streamlines your marketing and creative workflows — all through a single, unified portal with a flexible, intuitive interface.

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What's the single most exciting area of opportunity for marketers and their organizations?*

Top four responses:

  1. Optimizing the customer experience
  2. Creating compelling content for digital experiences
  3. Data-driven marketing that focuses on the individual
  4. Using marketing automation to increase efficiency and yield

* Adobe & Econsultancy

Four exciting opportunities

ConnectOne can help you capitalize on all of them. As a leader in data-driven communications, RRD’s solution set:

  1. Optimizes customer experiences that leverage content, data, and multichannel delivery
  2. Streamlines the content creation process with industry-leading technologies and services
  3. Delivers high-impact, personalized communications at scale
  4. Creates efficiencies through streamlined workflows and automated processes

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