Accessibility Hub by RRD is an integrated accessibility workflow that revolutionizes the content conversion process.

Proprietary technology enables seamless document transformation into alternate formats to support ADA tags, language translation, Braille, and more.

This first-of-its-kind solution fulfills accessibility requests at an unprecedented speed, helping you meet regulatory compliance — and provide equitable access to all of your members and patients.

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Accessibility, reimagined

RRD’s Accessibility Hub streamlines alternate format service requests with unparalleled efficiency, increasing precision and speed to market. Requests are filtered to the appropriate conversion workflow via automation — all based on service needs.

  • Dual input capabilities

    Dual input capabilities

    Support both human-in-the-loop requests and system-to-system integrations

  • Data privacy

    Data privacy

    Our HIPAA- and SOC2+-certified workflows are tailored to safeguard healthcare data

  • Single front-end interface

    Single front-end interface

    Powerful API for direct data retrieval from client systems

  • Integrated workflows

    Integrated workflows

    Immediate access to limitless document conversion capabilities through RRD's proprietary RemediAD and GO Creative™ solutions

Adhere to the CMS mandate with efficient, unobstructed access for all of your members and patients.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requires that Medicare and Medicare Advantage programs send all member documents (including ANOCs) in the member’s preferred format.

Accessibility Hub by RRD removes the cumbersome process of siloing document conversion workflows through multiple vendors.

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Empowered access, for everyone

Maximize health equity with an expertly engineered conversion solution.
Accessibility Hub provides:

Increased automation and efficiency

Intuitive UI for human-centric orders

Robust API

Vendor optimization

Simplified workflow

Consolidated vendor base

Transform your content accessibility needs

Conversion requests are funneled through RRD’s alternate format services platform, which offers an extensive range of conversion services:

Print Material

Digital Material

Audio Material


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Unlock equitable access.

Experience the future of document conversion with a best-in-class workflow tailored to your needs.

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