Your donors and members expect consistent, personalized messaging across multiple channels.

To meet these expectations, Streamline Giving by RRD transforms your data into a 1:1 conversation — delivering personalization at scale.

This automated platform bridges technology and print to simplify giving campaign execution and connect you with donors.

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Your mission. Your message.

Streamline Giving by RRD provides access to unique marketing automation and self-service tools, helping nonprofit organizations identify and develop:

  • Better ways to leverage technology
  • Outreach efficiency at a lower cost
  • Strengthened donor relationships
  • Coordinated, multichannel communications

Engage to optimize your fundraising programs

The Engage program enhances Streamline Giving by RRD, helping you inspire donors with the power of personalization. The program facilitates customized messaging and database enrichment, including:

  • Personalized Web addresses
  • Automated follow-up messages
  • Real-time, Web-based tracking and analytics
  • Digital and direct mail services
  • Creative and copy services
  • Refer-a-friend functionality

Case study

Streamline Giving by RRD unifies campaign, digitally transforms print execution

“Going digital” in a fundraising sense can remove a number of headaches organizations face as they manage and execute campaigns. This proved to be true for an archdiocese of a large city on the East Coast.

Through Streamline Giving, the archdiocese automated print production for the first time. This transformation through implementation delivered the following benefits:

  • Reduced lead times for timed mailings around parish events
  • Eliminated inventory and waste challenges associated with printing in bulk
  • Parish-specific customization through online product templates
  • Reduced staff coordination, time, and effort
  • Created consistent branding and centralized reporting

Exceed donor expectations.

Are you getting the most out of your giving campaigns? Maximize donor engagement and move your mission forward with the help of the experts on our Streamline Giving team.

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