With Acuity™ by RRD, marketers are now able to test their next direct mail campaign before it’s launched — at a fraction of the cost and time.

By pairing online research techniques with our unique virtual direct mail testing technology, we’ve developed a proven direct mail solution to reduce production and mailing costs and increase response rates through improved targeting.


Acuity Mailbox

Our animated visual technology mimics the actual behavior of consumers when mail is received by capturing your customers’ response behavior through:

  • Simulated mail retrieval
  • Detailed insight into decision-making behavior (i.e., open now, set it aside for later, trash it or shred it)
  • Content review and response

Why Acuity?

If human beings experience the world through five senses, and traditional in-mail testing provides the tactile, real-life response behavior, why consider Acuity?

Acuity virtually analyzes consumer engagement prior to print production for more confident decision making and maximum impact.

Gain faster results

than the traditional in-mail method

Lower cost

to acquire, retain and reactivate customers

Experiment with more unique strategies

that would normally be considered too risky for in-mail testing

Test dynamic features

to drive the most relevant messaging

Evaluate creative variables

based on sort and response behavior

Reach clear conclusions

about competing incentives, format, color, discounts vs. rebates, etc.

With this unique solution, the question "Is it possible to learn what to do without spending a huge amount of money?" is answered with a resounding "Yes."

Screenshot of A New Way to Test Direct Mail at a Fraction of the Cost and Time

White Paper

A New Way to Test Direct Mail at a Fraction of the Cost and Time

If you came across a direct mail solution that could generate the same results in about a third of the time and cost, wouldn't you consider it?

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Get results, fast.

Drawn-out guessing games have no place in your direct mail testing. Flip traditional testing on its head with our experienced Acuity by RRD team.


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