Investment Firm Automates Delivery for Compliance Documents | Financial Services

7/5/2022 RRD

Investment Firm Automates Delivery for Compliance Documents | Financial Services

RRD Business Communication Solutions ensure smooth transactions for high-risk trades in foreign markets 


A large international investment bank was facing a compliance challenge with its non-U.S. products that were not registered and traded on the major exchanges. 

When clients in European and Asian markets request an online transaction or trade, the bank must supply a document with disclaimer language to the client. For legal reasons, the bank is required to show proof of providing this disclaimer to the client prior to a transaction.

For this financial institution, in particular, the process to execute this became too cumbersome to manage efficiently. 

The document in question needed to be generated almost instantaneously upon every transaction request. However, internal representatives are not consistently available to create and send the document on demand. Additionally, busy travel schedules, differing time zones, or other priorities can further delay this legally required action.  


To develop an automated, on-demand solution to relieve the bank of this burden, RRD's Business Communication Solutions group utilized its PIVOT platform, which is an end-to-end solution that serves as a single source for document creation, customer communication management, and digital content delivery.  

In simplified terms, PIVOT emails the disclaimer document to the client within 15 seconds of a request — an essential outcome for the fast-paced trading world. The trade can then be conducted, and the bank has a legal record of having sent the document beforehand. A required hard copy is also sent to the client in the days following the transaction.


Now, the entire process is automated — delivering up to roughly 13,300 on-demand emails in a single day — and eliminating any possibility of delaying trades. Our client can now conduct trading without the hassle of managing the compliance documents internally. Without compromising trade efficiency, this on-demand solution ensures this global investment firm is legally protected through an accountable, compliant service provider .

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