Accelerate your digital transformation journey with a single-source partner

In-house digital transformation is often obstructed by outdated technology systems, lack of resources, and uncertainty around ROI. Understanding these common barriers, RRD developed a unique set of capabilities to help businesses overcome them, and rapidly embark on the journey towards transformation.

The_Loft@RRD is a collaborative incubation hub where RRD experts deliver innovation-as-a-service to usher you through the latest advances in technology — because in today’s environment, you can either disrupt or be disrupted.

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Innovate faster. Innovate better.
Innovate together.

Blending RRD’s deep pool of talented professionals, proven tools, and expansive resources, The_Loft@RRD generates customized digital solutions that result in powerful, scalable customer experiences and long-term bottom-line growth.


The_Loft@RRD offers a broad suite of advanced, customer-centric proprietary solutions.

  • 100% compatible with existing technologies
  • Flexible collaboration and ideation methodologies
  • Rapid iterations and prototyping
  • Cloud-based tools with end-to-end workflow visibility, speech-to-text recognition, and audio recording functionalities
  • Automated PowerPoint solutions that interpret raw data and illustrates correlations via easily comprehensible reports

The RRD Advantage

As your single-source partner with a proven track record of successfully integrating new digital solutions, The_Loft@RRD provides fully-dedicated support, monitoring, and reporting.

A clear path to ROI and new revenue streams

Speed-to-market acceleration and cost efficiency in equal measure

Extensive global resources to fill internal gaps in expertise

Solutions from The_Loft@RRD

With RRD as your innovation collaborator, digital transformation goes from an abstract concept to a tangible reality to yield real business results.

Professional Services

Digital solution: The_Loft@RRD developed Collab, a digital collaboration and ideation tool that reduces data silos through collaborative annotation.

Benefit: Enables smarter processes by generating insights across workflows.


Digital solution: The_Loft@RRD developed Smart Text Recognition, a web application that easily identifies and locates critical terms in medical reports.

Benefit: Increased speed and precision for underwriting premium evaluation processes.


Digital solution: The_Loft@RRD developed Transcribe, a transcription web application that helps shorten or even eliminate production processes.

Benefit: Generates a transcript within minutes to expedite workflows and enhance collaboration.

What Our Clients Say

It’s truly as if you’re working with a person sitting in the workstation next to you, practicing the same ideals, the same beliefs of delivering the best service possible to our ultimate client.

— Managing Director of an industry-leading professional services company

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Upskilling in the Times of Data —
What It Means and What It Takes


Reinvent your digital identity.

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