Print materials transformed into dynamic digital publications

With Digimag® by RRD, brands can pair the look and feel of traditional print with enhanced functionality across rich media channels, augmenting reader experience.

Offering a quick and easy way to extend the reach of their print publications through digital means, Digimag gives publishers an avenue to transform PDFs into heuristic content delivered intuitively across all screen types.

Digimag Tech Thrillers on a monitor

Enrich reader experience

An integrated digital solution, Digimag provides a cost-effective, versatile way to share, sell, and enhance any publication, from magazines and newsletters to brochures and educational materials.

Screen optimization

Delivering your content via three layers of responsive design, Digimag provides an engaging, scrollable reader experience across all screens.

  • Page view
  • Contents view
  • Enhanced article

Each layer can be fully augmented with advertising, videos, slideshows, and audio.

Digimag, page view, contents view and enhanced article
Digimag on a monitor

Looking to build an interactive shopping experience?

Another solution, Digicom by RRD, transforms catalogs, circulars, and flyers into interactive shopping experiences across web, mobile, and email channels.

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Weave in rich media to bring your editorial to life

Options for next-level interaction:


Embedded videos, pop ups, and YouTube or Vimeo streams


Images uploaded into customizable slideshows displayed within the digital edition


A pop-up window designed to keep readers in the digital edition when viewing external content

Animation (HTML5)

Animations create interactive covers and transition effects

Audio links

Audio files (e.g., narration, personal greetings, complimentary sounds) uploaded into the digital edition supplement your content and draw attention to an advertiser

Case Study

Car Maker's Brochure Transformed into Interactive Experience

RRD's responsive platform turns static marketing collateral into an immersive resource for car buyers.

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Interactive. Intuitive.
Thoughtfully accessible.
This is Digimag.


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