Drive profitability with a winning format.

With more than 150 years of direct marketing expertise, our Power Play solutions are built on a framework of cost-effective formats and techniques that drive profitability and optimize ROI across a variety of verticals.

We understand that finding out what works once leads to additional testing to find out what works better. Here’s a small sample of our Power Play solutions, all with a track record of success.

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Watch Assumptive Positioning Lifts Response


Assumptive Positioning Lifts Response

See how a national insurance company increased response by 179%

Watch Retailer Achieves Higher ROI


Retailer Achieves Higher ROI with Variable 4-Color PIRX® Cards and Relevant Content

See how a retailer improved ROI by 14%

Watch Value-Added Enhancements Amplify ROI


Value-Added Enhancements Amplify ROI in Financial Services

See how a financial marketer increased ROI by 500%

Watch Targeted Survey Enhancement Drives Direct Mail


Targeted Survey Enhancement Drives Direct Mail

See how a nonprofit increased response by up to 50%

Watch Direct Mail Strategies That Drive Retail Success


Direct Mail Strategies That Drive Retail Success

See how this retailer increased sales by 28%

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