With multiple internal teams & external vendors working on your brand, how do you maintain standards & consistency?

Even slight variations in colors, fonts, and imagery dilute brand consistency.

CustomPoint® is RRD’s web-to-print solution that not only simplifies asset management, it can help elevate brand integrity to new levels through a single interface.

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Manage the entire workflow from online customization to comprehensive logistics

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About CustomPoint

CustomPoint is a web-based, integrated communications management tool that connects directly to RRD’s extensive distributed network of print and fulfillment operations.

It creates a centralized, simplified workflow allowing every aspect of the communications production process to work in harmony.

Streamline Production

Access Brand Assets

Control Access & Assets

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Your competitive advantage, in detail.

CustomPoint unlocks new direct marketing campaign opportunities, empowering you to create strategically integrated programs — anywhere, anytime — that help drive response and increase ROI.

  • Personalized Communications

    Personalized Communications

    Keeping up with an ever-increasing demand for personalized communication, CustomPoint enhances the impact and effectiveness of every message, allowing users to focus on content.

  • Order Visibility

    Order Visibility

    CustomPoint provides real-time transparency through intuitive tools that locate order details, shipping information and status updates. End-users can also build custom reports to better understand and forecast their fulfillment inventory, anticipating customer needs faster.

  • Multichannel Fulfillment

    Multichannel Fulfillment

    From order to distribution, CustomPoint offers consistent workflows through an easy-to-use interface that simplifies the setup and maintenance of communication items and templates, helping accelerate time to market.

  • Campaign Management

    Campaign Management

    CustomPoint’s multi-event campaigns functions enables end-users to set up a series of communications at pre-scheduled dates and attach a specified recipient list. Before the execution of each communication, CustomPoint retrieves the latest version of the list.

consolidated user interface

Integrated User Interface | Salesforce

CustomPoint's App for Salesforce.com provides a consolidated user interface that empowers end users to design custom communications — from printed materials to emails — without leaving Salesforce.

Save time with CustomPoint's secure auto-login feature for Salesforce.com. End-user profiles in Salesforce.com are automatically synchronized upon login to ensure that the most current data is used for communications.

Save time, space & money.

Control costs and save time assessing your resource needs with our streamlined warehousing and material management solutions.

  • Full-carton storage, third-party materials management and logistics services
  • Reduce internal warehousing space by storing samples or promotional items, including third-party materials
  • Standard reports (90+) to quickly check inventory status, including stock levels, order activity, routing and approval statistics, shipping summaries, trend usage analyses, and more.
  • Real-time inventory management to gauge quantities, monitor reorder points, shipment trends, usage, and more

Get to know CustomPoint.

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