At RRD, our most important priority is our over 28,000 employees worldwide.

We have prioritized the health and safety of our employees throughout our over 160 years in business and continue to do so.

As such, we boast one of the best safety records in the industry. We also closely track and disclose employee turnover, gender and racial representation, and pay equity. Last, privacy and data security are critical both to securing our employee data as well as to the high-touch manner in which we secure and process client data.

Health and safety

As a manufacturing company, operations in our facilities continue to represent our greatest safety and health risks for our employees. Our number one priority is managing and mitigating risks at our facilities to keep our employees safe.

Employee safety

Safety is routinely a part of our performance metrics for leadership in our facilities. One indicator of success in this area is our recordable case rate, for which we have maintained an unprecedented low level since becoming a stand-alone company in 2016. Our Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) team also annually drives a task tracker of important health and safety items around the world which our facility team members timely complete. Due to our exemplary recordable case rate, our employees continue to feel safe coming to work in our facilities.

COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly affected the business community and our Company in 2020 and into 2021. In early March 2020, we established a COVID-19 Task Force of leaders from facility operations, EHS, human resources, legal, finance and other business leaders. The Task Force has monitored guidance of the CDC and WHO on management of viral spread, implemented policies and procedures consistent with CDC and WHO guidance to ensure the health and safety of our employees, investigated and monitored cases of the virus within the Company, and implemented extraordinary cleaning efforts if exposure concerns arose. The proactive measures taken helped minimize viral spread within our employee population throughout 2020 and beyond.

Diversity and inclusion

RRD’s approximately 28,000 employees worldwide represent our most important asset. We are committed to prioritizing a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace, which allows us to attract and retain high quality talent. Our laser focus on the health and safety of our employees above all else helps to maintain our qualified workforce and develop leaders for the future.

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion

    Diversity, equity and inclusion

    We are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion from the membership of the Board of Directors through all layers of our employee ranks. Women represent 25% of our independent directors on the Board of Directors and 25% of our Executive Leadership Team. Our priorities, and the signing of the Parity Pledge in 2017 reflect our commitment to increasing the percentage of women in leadership roles across our company.

  • Underrepresented groups

    Underrepresented groups

    We are also focused on representation by historically underrepresented groups including racial minorities and LGBTQ+ employees in our U.S. businesses. We are committed to diversifying our workforce and increasing representation of all underrepresented groups in our Board and leadership teams.

  • New committee launched

    New committee launched

    In 2020, we launched a new committee, UNITED, the purpose of which is to focus on and formalize diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives for the Company, communicate broadly, and ensure that every employee feels respected and appreciated and can contribute to their fullest potential. UNITED is made up of six critical words: Understand, Nurture, Include, Together, Equal, Diverse. We are on a journey of continuing to ensure that each and every employee at RRD understands their ownership in all that we do and throughout their role at the Company.

  • Continued focus

    Continued focus

    To ensure its continued focus on diversity, equity and inclusion, executive team members are expected to consider at least one woman and one racial/ethnic minority in hiring for open positions on their teams and the teams of their direct reports. The Board receives ongoing updates on these priorities, as well as on the hiring by the Executive Leadership Team.

  • Discrimination


    The Company prohibits discrimination on the grounds of race, ethnicity, gender identity, age, physical or mental ability, religion, LGBTQ+ status, and every protected area in all areas of employment at RRD — from recruitment to onboarding to development to retention to promotion.

Our global strategy: A place where everyone belongs.


A diverse, equitable and inclusive environment where people belong and exercise their full potential


Create and sustain an actively inclusive environment that embraces, respects, and leverages the diversity of our employees, clients, vendors, suppliers and communities



We believe diversity, equity and inclusion are critical to driving business success


  • Employees
  • Culture
  • Clients, vendors and suppliers
  • Communities


  • Attract, retain, and develop diverse talent
  • Create a workplace in which behaviors, practices and policies promote respect, equity, inclusion, utilization, career development and success for everyone
  • Increase client satisfaction and retention
  • Strengthen and broaden strategically aligned external partnerships


  • Inclusion councils
  • Business resource groups
  • Internal communication
  • Learning resources
  • External partnerships
  • Client, vendor and sales support

Recruitment and retention

RRD regularly seeks to hire, develop, train and retain talent throughout its global operations. The Board of Directors monitors retention and Management sets targets against the backdrop of business needs and the economy. The following reflects our recent turnover performance over the last four years across the U.S.

U.S. Salary Employees
  Average # of Employees Total Voluntary Terminations Annualized Turnover Rate
2022 4678 762 16.3%
2021 4676 888 26.2%
2020 5742 491 8.6%
2019 6333 872 13.8%
2018 6817 883 13.0%
2017 7539 960 12.7%
U.S. Hourly Employees
  Average # of Employees Total Voluntary Terminations Annualized Turnover Rate
2022 7769 1837 23.60%
2021 7796 1790 28.40%
2020 8660 1522 17.6%
2019 9349 1619 17.3%
2018 9741 1601 16.4%
2017 10542 1670 15.8%
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Workplace flexibility

Not unlike many companies, the onset of the Global Pandemic caused RRD to consider working conditions for its office-based employees. Since all non-manufacturing employees were sent to remote working locations in 2020, the Company quickly pivoted to support remote working environments. During the year plus of remote working, RRD issued a Remote Work policy, established flexible vacation time for exempt employees, and rolled out a Maternity Leave policy.

Because RRD values women in the workplace, these new policies together further increase RRD’s ability to attract and retain women across its critically important sales and corporate roles, while also prioritizing the flexibility that working mothers, in particular, face.

Human rights

As our most valuable asset, the treatment of our employees and prospective employees around the world is top of mind for the Company. Our Human Rights policy protects employees and applicants along with demanding that our vendors and suppliers do the same.

RRD also adheres to the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at work, for all employees.

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Pay equity

RRD is committed to paying employees equally for like work, at like levels, in like geographical areas, with similar years of experience, regardless of an employee’s race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, or other personal characteristics. We have reviewed a variety of positions to ensure pay equity across all implicated employees and made adjustments where needed. We regularly review our compensation process and, at this time, we have not identified any specific, significant systemic issues in our compensation process.

Employee engagement

Our Executive Leadership Team is committed to rigorous communication with our employees, whether it relates to the pandemic or Employee Assistance Programs or the raising of compliance related concerns. If we learned anything from the year 2020, we learned that our organization has the ability to pivot efficiently and effectively when unexpected issues arise.

Manufacturing facilities

Successful performance

Open door/grievance process

Engagement opportunities

Digital and information security

As a business and marketing communications company, our employees are regularly in contact with significant confidential information entrusted to us by our clients. We have innumerable processes and procedures in place, including third party intrusion testing and self-audits designed to ensure the integrity of all data that resides in or passes through our network of computers.

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  • IEC/ISO 27001

    IEC/ISO 27001

    RRD has adopted the IEC/ISO 27001 standard as the framework for our Information Security Program. We have mapped the IEC/ISO 27001 framework to specific regulatory legislation to ensure compliance. Specific regulatory compliance includes the Gramm, Leach, Bliley Act (GLBA), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), and Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).



    Additionally, RRD’s information security controls align with the COBIT, NIST, and HITRUST CMS security controls to ensure an appropriate security foundation for the RRD Information Security Program. Within specific contexts RRD may have additional security controls implemented. This is within accordance to the type of data handled and the associated legal, statutory or customer contractual requirements.

  • SOC+HITRUST and ISO 27001

    SOC+HITRUST and ISO 27001

    RRD engages with accredited, third-party firms to assess our SOC+HITRUST and ISO 27001 compliance programs. These programs cover RRD’s shared corporate infrastructure, as well as areas of our Business Communications and Marketing Solutions business units.

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