What do you need to recruit, retain, and re-engage?

From wide-eyed prospective students to generous and nostalgic alumni, opportunities to engage with your audience are in full supply.

However, institutions at every level — pre-K through 12, private schools, colleges and universities — need the highest level of communications agility to take full advantage.

With RRD’s tailored services and support, this is your chance to maximize the value of each step on the student journey.

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Cover all the stops on the student
(and parent) journey

RRD has mobilized to offer educational institutions a package of solutions designed to help you plan comprehensively, execute rapidly, and adjust nimbly — all while controlling costs without compromising quality.

Personalized, education-specific programs

Support recruitment strategies, instructional content, interactive online experiences, and printed curriculum

Fundraising campaigns

Build endowment sustainability, alumni engagement, and donor support — with quantifiable ROI

Touchless communications

Leverage NFC and/or QRC technologies to accommodate demand for contactless interactions

Signage and wayfinding

High-quality signage and customized graphics for all campus facilities and spaces, with the option of white-glove installation

Customized support

Fill gaps in specific communications programs — from integrated campaigns to multichannel billing and payment systems

Industry-standard safety materials

Face shields, temperature detection kiosks, thermastrips, and customized experience kits for students, visitors, and staff

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Case Study

Leveraging a signature color and rich history to engage prospective students

A large university in the Southeast viewed its visitor center as a blank canvas of opportunity.

Through an innovative signage treatment, RRD leveraged nearly every square inch of wall space to engage visitors through rich storytelling as well as the bold and consistent use of the school’s signature color.

See how we did it

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RRD becomes Salesforce.Org registered partner for higher ed

After passing a thorough evaluation, RRD is excited to extend nearly two decades of experience and success with Salesforce into the partner ecosystem for higher education.

Serious about optimizing your investment in Salesforce to raise more resources, streamline programs, and engage constituents like never before? So is RRD.

Learn more about our SFMC professional services

Case Study

Instructional kits for early childhood

Economies of scale help learning kits hit their target — on budget


A leading provider of early childhood solutions created a product that efficiently integrated all essential elements of a curriculum — e.g., print materials and manipulatives (e.g., blocks, tape measures, puppets) — into an instructional kit. However, the packaging, kitting, and delivery of this entire product proved too complex.


RRD’s vantage point facilitated economies of scale. Our global network sourced manipulatives, supported on-demand print needs, and manufactured all other facets of the instructional kits. This would effectively align the kits’ cost with target budgets.


In a span of 10 days, RRD fulfilled and delivered 2,555 instructional kits — each containing 35 components — to more than 800 locations.

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Do your educators spend too much time developing online content?

Fundraising for the future

Remember: Your request for financial support is not an inconvenience. It’s not poorly-timed, either. It’s a necessity.

Format, creative, list procurement and management, production, distribution — RRD has the experience to help you with all of it and evolve your donor outreach.

A playbook for effective fundraising in 2021. 5 plays to evolve doner outreach for better engagement.

A great place to start

From targeted surveys and testing strategies to tailored freemiums and Web2Print, we’ve pulled together a handful of donor engagement tactics that work.

See our playbook for effective fundraising

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Featured solution:

Safe, touch-free solutions to activate powerful data on a campus near you

Touchless World by RRD leverages the power of dynamic, strategically-located, scannable smart tags designed for smartphone engagement.

Learn more about Touchless World

By our own admissions

As an omnichannel communications company with cost-effective scaling power, RRD is wired to think beyond isolated aspects of media development, production, and delivery.

No matter the size of your institution, we’re positioned to help you recruit, retain, and re-engage — at home, on campus, or after graduation.

Work smarter, not harder

Inspired by your goals, Products by RRD are tailored solutions developed to make an impact — and your life easier.

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