Conference Organizer Utilizes End-to-End Materials Management | Events

10/18/2022 RRD

Conference Organizer Utilizes End-to-End Materials Management | Events

RRD’s turnkey solution for event kits provides savings and convenience leading up to large-scale event 


An organizer for a conference with 2,000+ delegates needed a solution for the procurement, production, kitting, storage, and delivery of delegate materials. They were lacking:

  • Manpower to coordinate the event materials with sponsors
  • A warehouse location for storing and kitting materials
  • Means for on-time delivery to the conference venue 

The event organizer was seeking a cost effective solution that included print capabilities for last-minute sponsors and for reprinting any damaged goods.  


RRD worked with the conference organizer to provide a cost effective and end-to-end print, kitting, and logistics solution. Components of RRD’s event kit management included the following:

  • Access to the RRD print manager via the website’s contact page to allow sponsors to coordinate their inserts directly 
  • Stored all event materials in RRD’s warehouse prior to kitting and delivery
  • Inline production of 38 inserts, reducing costs for the individual sponsors 
  • Coordinated shipments of 31 preprinted inserts and tracked all items on behalf of the conference organizers
  • Invoicing of each sponsor individually, further reducing the administration burden on the conference organizer

In the end, all materials were kitted, labeled, shipped with 100% accuracy, and delivered on time to the conference venue from RRD’s shipping hub.

RRD’s subject matter experts provided high-quality, proactive service and served as a confident, trusted resource and facilitator for presenter materials.

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