E-Commerce Retailer Pivots Direct Mail Strategy, Drives Engagement | Pharma & Life Sciences

5/31/2022 RRD

E-Commerce Retailer Pivots Direct Mail Strategy, Drives Engagement | Pharma & Life Sciences

Variable discount codes provide cost-effective way to boost Rx program transactions among premium subscriber base


A large e-commerce retailer with a prescription savings platform sought new strategies to drive engagement among their premium subscriber base. The brand had previously sent targeted email campaigns in an effort to boost program sign-ups and prescription card usage. However, the cost benefit of email marketing was outweighed by a low customer response and click-through rate.

An existing agency partnership provided project management and general knowledge of alternative channels, but lacked the strategic direction and innovation to facilitate growth. 


Pivoting to a direct mail strategy, the retailer entrusted RRD to take over printing and production of a newly designed mail piece. The goal of the direct mail program was to encourage Rx program participation while providing customers with a simple, straightforward opt-in and purchase process. 

The mailer included a discount card and unique BIN number corresponding with a variable discount rate loaded onto the card on the backend. After presenting the card during a transaction, customers would learn of their discount rate, receiving 10-50% off of their purchase. 

RRD worked alongside the brand’s existing agency to produce all collateral, which could also be utilized for subsequent pharmacy purchases. The piece was initially sent to 100,000 geo-targeted premium subscribers as a test program to determine future viability.


A successful initial test led to a continued partnership and plans for a larger, 1M-piece mailing in the near future. 

As larger print runs are facilitated, this solution will provide additional cost-per-piece reductions. It will also eliminate the involvement of the brand’s external agency, reducing time to market and cutting out unnecessary bottlenecks. 

The strategy is also replicable across the company’s other membership models, providing the potential to grow premium subscriber bases company-wide.

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