Revamped Multichannel Marketing Strategy Increases Reach, Loyalty | Healthcare


Revamped Multichannel Marketing Strategy Increases Reach, Loyalty | Healthcare

RRD’s end-to-end support helps regional medical center gain and retain market share in the digital age


A leading regional medical center sought ways to gain market share in today’s highly competitive healthcare landscape. In order to expand patient reach and earn long-term consumer loyalty, they needed new, innovative methods to keep up with both traditional and non-traditional competitors.

The company had collected data about their target market, but wanted to improve marketing tactics in order to reach these consumers. As it stood, they were producing a one-page, static PDF newsletter to get their message out and provide content to consumers. However, as healthcare organizations move toward a more digital marketing approach, leveraging data to personalize content and provide opportunities for meaningful patient engagement becomes increasingly important.

Ultimately, the company sought to evolve to a more modern marketing approach in order to differentiate from their competition. Lacking sufficient internal resources, they needed an experienced partner to both advise and carry out a new multichannel strategy.


RRD’s existing relationship with the medical center led to a partnership to modernize marketing efforts and expand current reach. Working alongside client teams, RRD built and deployed a multichannel marketing initiative to solidify existing patient relationships and build new ones for the long term. 

RRD provided a consultative approach and a comprehensive network of resources to bolster the company’s internal capabilities. The solution entailed delivering relevant content — including articles specific to various healthcare conditions —  to engage current and prospective consumers via semi-regular marketing campaigns.  

As a one-stop-shop, RRD prints, prepares, and delivers three to four electronic and print campaigns per year:

  1. Digimag®: a dynamic digital newsletter publication containing links to further content. Each Digimag is native to the client’s website and supports search engine optimization
  2. Newsletter: a hard copy of the newsletter delivered to the medical center to give to new patients
  3. Newspaper inserts: a  hard copy of the newsletter distributed to local newspaper outlets and inserted in Sunday newspapers
  4. Direct mail piece: a hard copy of the newsletter mailed to a designated targeted audience

Additionally, RRD created a list of approximately 19,000 prospective and existing consumers to target based on client-directed demographics and geo-targeting in three neighboring counties. In an effort to expand beyond their current geographic reach, the list also includes zip codes served by their biggest competitor. The list is ever-changing, and RRD updates it prior to upcoming campaigns and when the campaign is ready to go to press.


With all campaign functions — marketing, print, direct mail, and list services — now under one umbrella, RRD provides an end-to-end solution. The newsletter modernized the client’s marketing efforts, effectively creating a competitive advantage over other local medical facilities. Additional benefits include:

  • Outsourced printing, mailing, and distribution, enabling the client to focus on core business functions
  • First-ever digital newsletter created
  • Increased visibility among both target market and new markets
  • Increased differentiation among competitors
  • Simplified paper sourcing
  • Upgraded previous PDF formatting with best-in-class RRD Digimag technology
  • Increased SEO presence due to embedding Digimag on client website instead of using previous PDF format
  • Increased targeting and newsletter reach due to RRD List Services Group

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