Packaging Engineering and Production Support Help Emerging Bakery Scale Operations | Restaurant


Packaging Engineering and Production Support Help Emerging Bakery Scale Operations | Restaurant

RRD’s packaging experts develop custom folding carton solutions, evaluate optimal substrates for ten unique designs


Led by a seasoned restaurateur, an emerging specialty dessert and coffee shop brand sought a packaging partner to assist in the design finalization and engineering of custom boxes for their innovative line of desserts. They needed packaging solutions for ten distinct designs, including:

  • 12-count and 6-count bakery boxes, each requiring internal trays to ensure secure transport
  • A kids' meal package including a dedicated insert 
  • An ice cream sandwich box 
  • A tapered box featuring a unique fold-out holder for dipping sauce
  • A single sleeve and tray combination

The bakery was working closely with their creative agency to create initial design concepts, but sought external structural engineering expertise to help transition those ideas into functional packaging. When considering ideal final packaging for their products, the bakery wanted to ensure a secure fit for all baked goods. 

They also wanted to include a grease barrier substrate for all packaging that would have direct contact with food. Additionally, they wanted to include “windows” in the packaging for product visibility. Ultimately, they wanted to collaborate with a packaging partner that could ensure each box was conceived with its intended use in mind — while also maintaining a cohesive visual identity.


After connecting with the bakery’s leadership, RRD Packaging Solutions stepped in to work closely with the bakery’s creative agency to ensure a seamless finalization of all packaging structures, substrates, and workflows — and deliver a comprehensive solution. Key solution components included:

  • Structural design: RRD's packaging experts transformed the bakery’s initial design concepts into structurally sound folding cartons. This process involved thorough measurements to accommodate a perfect fit for the bakery’s various product sizes and shapes.
  • Substrate selection: Evaluating different materials, RRD and the bakery’s creative team worked together to select the most appropriate substrates for each carton, prioritizing product integrity and functionality. Ultimately, a grease barrier material was selected for all packaging that would have contact with food.
  • Form and function integration: RRD's design team ensured that both functionality and aesthetics were high priorities. Each design served its intended purpose and aligned with the bakery’s visual brand identity.


In alignment with the bakery’s internal teams, RRD successfully finalized and produced a complete line of custom packaging solutions tailored to the bakery's unique offerings. Currently, RRD is working alongside the bakery to forecast future demand and is warehousing inventory to support this critical launch phase. Key results include:

  • RRD transformed concepts into functional and visually appealing packaging, meeting the bakery's specific needs 
  • Successful structural design, engineering, and production of ten unique packaging concepts 
  • Thorough substrate evaluation and implementation led to optimal product integrity
  • Warehousing and fulfillment of each unique carton design

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