Push to Simplify Kitting Eliminates Overhead Costs | Healthcare & Insurance

6/23/2020 RRD

Push to Simplify Kitting Eliminates Overhead Costs | Healthcare & Insurance

Giving a global healthcare leader more space to focus on core competencies


An innovative global healthcare leader was printing and distributing documents and kits from its New Jersey-based print center. The shop had six employees, housed expensive leased print equipment, and was occupying valuable space. 

This client endures constant governmental regulatory changes. Due to the company’s global reach, up to 60 unique versions of already complex kits may be required in order to avoid costly fines from the U.S. government and agencies in more than 50 other countries. 

A push to streamline print and kitting processes and optimize efficiency was in order. 


An RRD print, fulfillment, and distribution facility (Allentown, PA) proved capable of handling these complex orders and meeting the customer’s stringent deadlines and compliance standards. An on-site RRD expert also assisted with daily orders and inquiries. 

RRD had recently worked with this client to close five internal print shops for separate projects unrelated to this one — a change that resulted in numerous benefits. Consequently, RRD was the natural partner for this project as well.


Reduction of non-revenue-generating headcount from six to two 

Elimination of costly equipment leases

Building space freed for uses more relevant to client’s core competencies and goals

Order turnaround times greatly improved (compared to former internal print shop)


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