Regained Control Over Production Reduces Overall Print Spend 10% | Utilities

5/15/2020 RRD

Regained Control Over Production Reduces Overall Print Spend 10% | Utilities

Ordering portal and procurement tool improves quality, delivery times and freight savings


Headquartered in California, a public utility company experienced a lack of control over production of its printed materials — e.g., customer statements, brochures, and leaflets — as well as issues with managing brand integrity and inventory management. 

Due to a decentralized processes, the utility provider lacked viable reporting and visibility into their program expenditures and the status of their inventoried items. The company also faced high year-end obsolescence, which negatively impacted procurement spend and the overall bottom line. Additional struggles included: 

  • Complete loss of control over versioning and budgets (field workers created their own art and forms)
  • Inability to print in an on-demand environment
  • High freight costs and extended shipment times 


RRD implemented an online ordering portal allowing stakeholders to order printed materials from a single, centralized source. This new system also included an eProcurement tool to provide visibility into the procurement process and realized cost savings.

The tool would enable stakeholders to:

  • Build a repository of all item specifications
  • Gain visibility into usage trends, availability of stock, and shipments from the warehouse
  • Attain visibility into departmental expenditures and total program costs
  • Work with customers to collaborate, confirm, and approve  proof changes online

Based on usage trends, the new system converted 205 stock items into print-on-demand, while storing 498 items to limit waste and warehousing costs. Production was also relocated to reduce shipment routes by length and frequency.


10% overall savings on print material spend

Annual freight savings of approximately $80,000

99% on-time delivery, with 100% quality delivered

This new system streamlined print buying, inventory management, and version control processes for the utilities company. While supporting six lines of business and over 45 users, the portal improved the accuracy of information, automated workflows, and streamlined process across their printed materials programs.  

Additionally, by maintaining a vendor-neutral approach, RRD exceeded the client’s diversity spend with Minority Owned Business Enterprises (MBE) and Women’s Business Enterprises (WBE) suppliers. 


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