Prestigious Brand Reduces Costs Associated with Branded Materials | Hospitality

6/10/2020 RRD

Prestigious Brand Reduces Costs Associated with Branded Materials | Hospitality

Globalized production and delivery platform fuels engagement and loyalty


One of the most prominent names in hospitality sought help in achieving better loyalty program engagement with members and guests and a stronger brand at the local level. Previously delivering on these objectives had been costly for the client.

They were using two separate U.S. printing companies and a separate logistics company, resulting in high costs and a large carbon footprint. Also, with so many individual properties under its name, the client struggled to contain production and distribution costs. Complicated inventory management from multiple vendors wasn’t helping either.

The hospitality giant needed a seamless transition to support that would ensure universal brand standards, display a deep understanding of their business, and increase order processing and response times. 


Specific to the client’s needs, RRD designed a customized performance improvement plan powered by its ConnectOne Storefront solution, an end-to-end communications management solution that centralizes ordering, fulfillment, and content customization within a single interface.

RRD also assigned the client on-site team members to assist in the transition. Subject matter experts provided assistance in a variety of ways:

  • Collaborative training for all support staff
  • Guided field service training for the navigator team
  • ETQ certification of all support processes 
  • Daily full-service group calls to ensure the streamlining of all daily management tasks

Our global solution would be key in helping the client seamlessly continue to produce and deliver welcome brochures, coasters, key packets, and other branded materials for over 1,500 properties in 122 countries and territories.


400 promotional items housed in one centralized location

20,000 orders managed and 66,000 line items shipped annually

Over 12% reduction in shipping and production costs with increased speed of delivery

Establishing a globalized production and delivery platform was crucial in helping the client better connect with its clientele.

Using RRD’s ConnectOne Storefront solution, the client is able to house over 400 promotional items in one centralized location. Today, each of the client’s individual properties can quickly order, customize, proof, and track materials online, reducing overall processing times. 


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