Vendor Consolidation Optimizes Print Workflow | Manufacturing


Vendor Consolidation Optimizes Print Workflow | Manufacturing

RRD’s proprietary ConnectOne StorefrontSM solution simplifies and optimizes leading tool manufacturer’s print process


A leading tool manufacturer produced a variety of marketing collateral and promotional items through several different external print suppliers. However, over time, the company realized the need to improve the shipping times, processes, and overall print quality of their printed materials, which play a pivotal role in their sales and customer support lifecycles.

The company sought an end-to-end print vendor who could streamline their processes and deliver on their needs in a more consistent and timely manner. 


In order to consolidate vendors while maintaining a high level of quality, the company turned to RRD. Operating under strict time constraints, the RRD team quickly took over the company’s entire print workflow. The RRD team collaborated with internal company teams to design a new order and inventory management system, leveraging RRD’s proprietary ConnectOne Storefront platform.

Designed to optimize the end-user experience, the portal features intricately customized layouts and templates aligned with the company’s usage parameters and security protocols. To facilitate a seamless transition and support the company’s sales team, RRD also created and distributed custom training materials.

Beyond site development, RRD worked with the company’s personnel to refine several workflows to most efficiently bring the required materials to market. 

Optimizations include:

  • SSO accessibility, ensuring enhanced security and a user-friendly experience
  • The ability to upload updated thumbnails and files into the site and communicate build instructions directly to RRD, saving time and ensuring accuracy
  • Customizable site templates with tailored logos and branding elements, pre-approved promotions, contact information, and more. This saves time and eliminates room for error while ensuring brand consistency 
  • Direct access for sales representatives and distributors to order the materials they need quickly and in the required quantities and specifications
  • The ability for employees to fluidly manage an ever-changing list of rules to determine order quantity limits, prices, and more. This helps manage inventory and internal spending while limiting waste
  • In addition to creating a better user experience and streamlining customizations, the new portal has built-in inventory management capabilities. The company now has a clear view of inventory levels and potential printing needs.


RRD’s comprehensive solutions brought printing, ordering, inventory management, and fulfillment under one roof, reducing time to market and providing cost efficiencies. Additional benefits include:

  • Reduced order-to-ship time to less than 48 hours
  • Removed time loss and costs associated with inter-vendor shipments
  • Simple permission management process for the company’s 300+ users directly within the system 
  • Users can quickly search and filter to order from nearly 1,300 different SKUs
  • Efficient inventory management and waste reduction consistently reduced shipped quantities and associated costs in the program’s first year
  • Reduced shipping costs from Q1 2022 to Q1 2023 by 45% with just a 10% reduction in delivered inventory

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