Comprehensive Creative Support Solves Logo, Packaging Inconsistencies | Manufacturing


Comprehensive Creative Support Solves Logo, Packaging Inconsistencies | Manufacturing

RRD's GO Creative team streamlines creative processes, providing cost savings and global brand consistency


A leading U.S. agricultural chemical and seed company with worldwide distribution faced multi-faceted creative inefficiencies. Several of the brand’s existing processes were due for an overhaul, including creative aspects of retail-facing boxes, bags, and labels. 

Logo and graphic inconsistencies across product lines showed a need for streamlined version control. However, producing compelling artwork for a globally-identifiable brand without a style guide on hand seemed nearly impossible.

Due to inefficiencies with a previous vendor, necessary graphic files were now inaccessible. As it stood, artwork files were housed internally on desktops, which created both security and storage concerns. To solve these challenges, they sought an external partner to help organize and store the full spectrum of creative digital assets for increased accessibility. 


The brand entrusted RRD’s GO Creative™ team to solve these challenges as a line extension of their creative team. Recognizing opportunities for growth within the brand’s existing packaging artwork processes, RRD brought in several on-site artwork coordinators to help streamline creative operations.

Together with the brand’s internal teams, RRD helped reestablish the company’s brand style guide and develop accurate, global versions of the company’s logos. New templates standardized the look and feel of the brand, and RRD’s insights team leveraged internal expertise and data to help execute a brand new creative design for an emerging product line. In addition, RRD fulfills logo requests from 114 different countries around the globe. 

RRD also deployed a centralized location for the client to house all artwork files, ensuring 24/7 access to the latest logo and graphic versions for various products. This centralization now gives the brand the flexibility to print materials from any printer via universal file access. 


RRD’s comprehensive support helped streamline the brand’s creative operations and develop standardized, global logo versions. Additional results included:

  • 10,000 new logos produced by RRD now stored in the company’s graphic library
  • Increased adherence to brand standards and creative consistency
  • Increased creative and version control
  • Creation of comprehensive style guide
  • Cost savings due to increased efficiencies

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