Branded Labels Exceed Expectations for Hand Sanitizer Dispensers | Manufacturing

2/25/2021 RRD

Branded Labels Exceed Expectations for Hand Sanitizer Dispensers | Manufacturing

RRD’s durable label experts design and deliver hundreds of thousands of functional and aesthetically pleasing labels 


Driven by COVID-19 sanitizing requirements, a large North American metals manufacturing, supply, and service company set out to produce hundreds of thousands of hand sanitizer dispensers for use throughout the United States. 

The new dispenser needed an aesthetically pleasing, brand consistent, durable label. Hand sanitizer dispensers were new to the metals company, and they were seeking a label supplier to partner with on this endeavor.  

Their initial choice of vendors provided a clear rectangular label with the company logo printed in black. The client was disappointed with the label’s appearance — the black logo didn’t match the hand sanitizer dispenser, and the clear label was also unsatisfactory.

The company had a healthy existing relationship with RRD in other areas, so they consulted the durable labels experts for a solution to this request.  


RRD worked hand in hand with both the metals company and the end customer to deliver a label that was durable, appealing, and easy to apply to thousands of dispensers.  

The durable label team at RRD’s Milwaukee facility recommended a material and color scheme that would meet the customer’s strict branding requirements and enhance the dispensers’ overall appearance.  

The selected material allowed RRD to:

  • Print the label in the exact color of the dispenser.
  • Print the logo in a complementary shade, creating an attractive metallic appearance.  
  • Die-cut the labels and include a thin border around the logo, providing a perfectly blended appearance when applied to the dispenser’s surface.

RRD also met a critical timeline for on-time delivery of this large volume of labels nationwide.

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