Hospital System Adopts Simplified COVID-Screened Visitors' Badge | Healthcare

2/17/2021 RRD

Hospital System Adopts Simplified COVID-Screened Visitors' Badge | Healthcare

RRD develops a user-friendly label to reduce inventory, ordering, and usage complexities 


A large non-profit healthcare organization with five citywide hospitals needed to procure “COVID SCREENED FOR ENTRY'' labels for visitors to wear (COVID requirements restrict visitors in certain areas of the facilities). The healthcare provider wanted colored labels that would correspond with each day of the week so visitors could be easily identified by hospital staff. 

The organization had been using seven different visitor entry labels — a different color label for each day. Tracking inventory of this many labels at every entry station throughout the system was a burden, and seven sets of labels occupied too much valuable workspace. 

Adding to the complexity was the inconsistent usage rate, i.e., some days had more visitors than others, and the labels also didn’t adhere securely to clothing, which caused additional health-related concerns.  


RRD’s Milwaukee label facility developed an appealing, user-friendly solution for this large hospital system. Our experts recommended a single label with seven different color blocks, each representing a different day of the week. The issuer simply circles the appropriate day and hands the label to the visitor. 

Moving to a single label eliminated the need to keep and inventory multiple labels at every entry point. An improved adhesive solution was recommended as a replacement as well.

This new label solution would not only prove to simplify this responsibility but also ensure the continued health and safety of hospital employees, patients, and visitors.

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