Outdoor Gear Subscription Box Treks Upward With Bundled Print Solution | Retail

4/28/2021 RRD

Outdoor Gear Subscription Box Treks Upward With Bundled Print Solution | Retail

RRD provides an effective, single-source alternative to multiple vendors for packaging, print, labels, and more 


A subscription box from a leading outdoor gear producer had gained popularity and a loyal following in recent years. The existing process for managing their subscription box supply chain was no longer efficient for the volumes needed to keep pace with the growing brand. They had to manage multiple vendors for production, which was a difficult task for the company amid its business expansion.

As the demand for this subscription increased, distribution channels expanded to brick-and-mortar sporting goods departments and outdoor retailers. These retailers utilized the corrugated subscription box to house the product assortment along with a folding carton sleeve to carry the retail branding. The expansion, while good for business, further complicated both their production and vendor requirements.

Additionally, as the brand grew, forecasting quantities became another unforeseen challenge. The outdoor gear brand needed to streamline processes and consolidate vendors so they could focus on their business goals without the burden of multiple print and packaging sources.  


RRD assumed production of this client’s entire category of printed products — replacing multiple vendors in the process. By shifting to a single-source for bundled solutions, procurement and print asset management processes were simplified. 

To scale effectively, RRD provided a set of solutions to manage various facets of the subscription service and retail box, including: 

  • Three sizes of direct-print corrugated shippers — with multiple SKUs per size
  • Promotional labels
  • Commercial print for the in-box materials
  • Folding carton sleeves
  • Corrugated retail POP displays
  • Retail display fulfillment 

As a brand serving increased outdoor enthusiasts, RRD has eased the company’s growing pains by serving as a single point of contact when it comes to ordering all printed materials, keeping pace with order volume fluctuations, and collaborating on new product introductions for retail.

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