National Chain of Highway Stopping Centers Overhauls In-Store Signage | Retail

5/4/2021 RRD

National Chain of Highway Stopping Centers Overhauls In-Store Signage | Retail

New end-to-end program management solution relieves frustration, fuels consistency 


A national network of highway fuel and convenience stores was struggling with consistent brand messaging across its 250+ locations. From one location to the next, they found themselves mired in disorganization with fixtures and signage (interior and exterior) that were not cohesive, and in some cases, falling apart. But due to a disjointed signage strategy, they didn’t know where to start in re-establishing brand messaging in an appealing, organized way. 

Further complicating matters, the chain was acquiring more stores; these acquisitions lacked relevant data about their existing capacities or fixtures. Each store across the entire chain varies — sometimes drastically — in footprint and configuration. Unique layouts with differing merchandising units, counter sizes, and window configurations would require custom-cut signage for each location. 

This chain needed an experienced partner to help them untangle problematic elements and implement unique yet consistent solutions at every store location. In sum, they needed someone who could survey the current stores, advise on new solutions, produce and ship the new recommended signage, and install it to custom specifications — hassle-free.  


RRD offered this client the end-to-end solution they were seeking. First, during in-depth collaborative discovery sessions, RRD guided the client through identifying their main pain points, requests, and needs. RRD then made recommendations to improve the signage program, assuring that each location would receive materials tailored to its unique needs. 

RRD achieved this tailored approach by conducting a detailed assessment of the measurements, dimensions, and specifications of each store. The creative team then designed attractive signage using the appropriate substrates for various environments, including: counter vinyl, window vinyl, plexiglass, and hot or cold food stations. Using data from the assessment, RRD was also able to recommend the best in-store placement for new elements. 

One example specific to meeting one of the client’s goals: RRD ensured graphics applied to windows would not only entice customers to come inside, but be transparent enough to let abundant natural light into the store.

RRD was also responsible for installing the new signage at all locations and did so in a cost-effective and localized manner by scheduling the jobs region by region. Installers were thorough and made any necessary adjustments on-site to ensure that all signage was sized and fitted precisely.

Because this client had never utilized program management as a service, RRD’s program management experts coordinated the entire process of the new signage implementation, from concept to installation. They addressed each unique variable and sought client approval at every stage of the program.

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