Innovative RFID Label Solution Helps Company Meet Retailer Mandate | Manufacturing


Innovative RFID Label Solution Helps Company Meet Retailer Mandate | Manufacturing

RRD’s RFID label expertise and packaging solutions help leading manufacturer’s products land on retail shelves


A major manufacturer of filtration products sought an RFID label solution. Each individual product unit they supplied to a major retailer was now required to have an encoded RFID label. 

The manufacturer wanted to avoid manually applying an RFID label to each of their product cartons, which would add a time-consuming step to their existing process. Nor did they want the RFID label to cover up existing real estate on their current packaging. The manufacturer sought an external partner to help them transition to RFID labels in accordance with this mandate.


The manufacturer turned to RRD, an existing partner, on the strength of the company’s expertise in RFID-label production. Additional factors in their decision were RRD’s extensive knowledge and track record of manufacturing product folding cartons and its extensive equipment roster. 

The RRD team developed an innovative solution, producing a folding carton that integrated an encoded RFID label. Affixed inline to the carton’s inside flap, the RFID label allowed the manufacturer’s products to meet the retailer’s standard. The solution also eliminated the need to source multiple vendors with their ordering and invoicing processes.


By partnering with the manufacturer to design a carton with the affixed encoded RFID label, RRD was able to meet their needs and the retailer’s RFID requirements. 

Benefits included:

  • The manufacturer received the product folding carton with the encoded RFID label already affixed. This saved them the time and expense of having to order and apply a secondary label to the packaging.
  • Valuable branding real estate was not sacrificed, as an external RFID label was utilized.
  • The solution eliminated the need for the manufacturer to contract with multiple vendors, accelerating speed to market.
  • Due to its success, the solution will now be integrated into additional product lines by the manufacturer.


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