License Plate Labels Go Linerless to Reduce Costs, Increase Efficiency | Retail

10/26/2022 RRD

License Plate Labels Go Linerless to Reduce Costs, Increase Efficiency | Retail

Major American brand benefits from smaller, variably printed rolls that take up less space and require less labor 


The distribution and warehousing departments of a large retail chain had been printing 4” x 2” license plate labels on demand using thermal transfer printers. However, a new “chute” system was installed for product sorting and labeling, and there was no longer enough space to accommodate the printers. 

roll of linerless license plate labelsOne solution was to switch to pre-printed labels ready to be applied to the product, but this process  required a cumbersome, time-consuming process of printing and re-rolling the labels. It also created a lot of messy liner waste on the floor, causing a safety hazard.  


When RRD’s experts saw the new sorting system and came to understand the problems, they introduced our linerless product for consideration. Going linerless allowed the client to use fewer rolls overall, requiring less space and reducing the amount of restocking needed. A reduction in waste — less cores and fewer cartons used — aligns with sustainability goals as well. 

RRD also suggested using variably imaged linerless labels so that labels did not have to be printed on demand.


Linerless labels have addressed the operation’s inefficiencies in this client’s license plate label production. RRD’s variably imaged linerless labels are cost-effective, take up less room, and are easy to use. Results include:

  • Reduced labor costs due to less restocking and elimination of printing/rerolling labels
  • Reduced freight costs by about 30-40% compared to linered product
  • Reduced safety risk because linerless labels have no liner to end up on the floor

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