End-to-End Signage Solution Accommodates Tight Launch Deadline | QSR

1/16/2023 RRD

End-to-End Signage Solution Accommodates Tight Launch Deadline | QSR

RRD supports global franchising company and quickly produces and delivers customized signage kits to more than 1,000 locations


A global franchising company with multiple popular quick-service restaurant brands and 2,000+ units worldwide sought external support in producing limited-time offer signage under an extremely tight deadline. 

Additionally, the client faced internal challenges getting necessary art files ready for production. The company ultimately sought an end-to-end provider able to accommodate a large-scale rush launch and provide technical direction for key back-to-school programming. 


After producing signage for the company on a small scale, RRD’s prepress team, equipment, and kitting capabilities were entrusted with this larger request. RRD worked closely with the company, manipulating their existing art files into workable formats and correcting over 100 proofs bound for production and shipment within 24 hours. 

RRD’s signage and display prepress team took great attention to detail in noticing file deficiencies and out-of-resolution artwork. They ensured the final output adhered to brand standards and appealed to the company’s target audience.

RRD had the available staffing and scheduling resources to accommodate the very strict deadline. They prepared, printed, produced, and kitted multiple limited-time offer materials for three of the company’s brands and shipped them out to over 1,000 locations. Each location received a customized signage kit specific to their individual store needs — all in time to promote their back-to-school initiatives. 


The company’s campaign was successful, and each restaurant was fully outfitted with promotional signage despite the tight turnaround time. Additionally, RRD developed and shared a file preparation and artwork tutorial to provide educational support to the company’s graphics team. This additional step will provide cost savings on vendor-supplied press services in the future.

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