High Volume Print Platform Facilitates Rapid Growth, Eases Internal Strain | Financial Services

10/6/2022 RRD

High Volume Print Platform Facilitates Rapid Growth, Eases Internal Strain | Financial Services

Proprietary solutions provide scalable print management, support multiple acquisition and conversion initiatives


A major financial services provider was growing from a regional bank into a national one serving more than 12 million customers and small businesses across 2,600 branches. Throughout this growth, the scale of various internal processes grew beyond its internal capabilities.

Initially, the bank sought relief from managing an extensive volume of business-critical print materials, the volume of which created insurmountable logistical challenges, inadequacies, and inefficiencies. Their existing vendor did not have the necessary scalability or stability to facilitate additional growth, so the brand sought a partner who could service their print management needs to scale.


A successful business relationship with RRD and its acquired companies dating back to 2009 created a sense of mutual trust, leading the brand to call on RRD to help optimize their print process management. RRD was able to provide best-in-class program transparency via reporting and reviews. First-rate system connectivity enabled the client to receive more accurate and timely program information.

Due to this initial success, RRD was entrusted to implement additional services and complete print management as the bank broadened its reach. A core, dedicated team of RRD associates worked with internal personnel to develop and continue to add upon a custom solution, including the following elements:

  • ConnectOne StorefrontSM, RRD’s proprietary online e-commerce technology surpassed any in-house or existing vendor capabilities. This solution enables automated internal ordering for branch-specific materials, plus kitting and distribution to branches. 
  • Branch merchandising program, which facilitates and manages the physical installation of fixtures and in-store signage at branch locations, ensuring rate and date compliance across all materials.
  • Printing, warehousing, and distributing all operationally-related print items, including statement rolls, cashier’s checks, money orders, deposit slips, withdrawal slips, teller receipt paper, ATM rolls, and envelopes.
  • CustomBuy, RRD’s proprietary online bid tool for all marketing collateral, including brochures, client communications, pocket folders, inserts in credit card mailings, and new customer brochures.
  • RRD RemediAd, an ADA document solution enhancing all digital collateral for accessibility and inclusivity.


From manufacturing to distribution, RRD's end-to-end ownership smoothly integrated and scaled these user-friendly solutions to support rapid growth. The custom platform of solutions eased the strain on internal resources and provided cost reductions that enabled continued evolution.

RRD's branch merchandising efforts absorbed multiple acquisitions and conversions, including kitting 7,398 cartons of operational materials, branch fixtures, and signage for one recent acquisition. Additional outcomes included:

  • $14.6MM in cost savings across RRD partnership
  • Inventory reduction saw 1,125 SKUs reduced to 315 SKUs for transfer in 2021
  • Improved forms management enabled 239.38 MM to be shipped in 2021


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