Global Production Support Solves Supply Chain Complexities, Reduces Costs | Manufacturing


Global Production Support Solves Supply Chain Complexities, Reduces Costs | Manufacturing

RRD Asia’s printing and specialty finishing expertise helps leading publisher stay on top of their game


A major game publisher sought to have one of their high-end products produced at a more favorable price point. The product, a casebound gaming guide, features 4-color printing and a UV gloss laminate and comprises over a dozen volumes. Following production, the publisher bulk packs the guides and ships them to various distribution centers that feed into online sellers, brick-and-mortar retailers, and supply chains across the globe.


As it stood, the publisher was having their guides produced domestically. They were receptive, however, when RRD proposed moving the production to RRD Asia to realize substantial cost savings. 

RRD Asia provided the customer with various options for materials, completing thorough testing to fine-tune and choose the best materials for the guides. The facility’s ability to leverage its paper supply chain immediately came into play. Although paper availability was very limited in the United States as the project got underway, no such constraints existed in Asia. As a result, production of the guides could proceed without extended lead times or delivery interruption. 

RRD’s work on the guides would lead to the production of various gift set products for the publisher as well. The gift sets — comprising a laminated game board, a slipcase with ribbon strap, specialty card decks, and gaming components — feature foil stamping, gilding, die cuts, spot UV print work, and other specialty finishing, which RRD Asia could cost-effectively achieve due to their production expertise. Additionally, offshoring hand-assembly of gift set components proved more economical in China than in the U.S.


By moving the production of the publisher’s guides to RRD Asia, RRD was able to achieve the following results:

  • Extensive cost savings for the publisher, including raw materials and labor savings 
  • Production of gaming guides progressed without delay due to the increased supply chain availability 
  • Complex gift kits and other products were entrusted to RRD Asia as a result of the publisher’s satisfaction with their work on the initial guides
  • Cost-effective specialty finishing on publisher’s high-end gift kits

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