Eye Care Diagnostics Manufacturer Leverages Custom Packaging | Life Sciences

9/15/2020 RRD

Eye Care Diagnostics Manufacturer Leverages Custom Packaging | Life Sciences

Complete turnkey solution designed for housing, presenting, and shipping specialized materials 


A national medical diagnostic company equips eye care professionals with the instrument, tools, and education needed to effectively diagnose, manage, and treat patients with age-related eye diseases. The company was launching a testing device that would change the way clinics evaluated patients for a specific disease, and they were seeking a vendor for collaboration on its overall packaging and presentation structure. 

Additionally, the company was looking to have the packaging convey the premium nature of the device by utilizing complex structural design and esthetic treatment options aligned with this value.  


RRD’s packaging design engineers considered a number of variables (e.g., the customer's product, brand, materials, and budget) and advised on form, function, and adequate protection for the device’s packaging, providing several rounds of structural concepts along with materials exploration. The prototyping stage utilized a client-supplied device shell to ensure precise function and fit.

RRD’s creative team designed the branding elements for the packaging and materials, and our commercial print experts printed the litho sheets that wrap the complex rigid box solution. Design features and materials to present and house the diagnostic testing equipment included:

  • Sliding trays
  • Pockets
  • Secure closing mechanism
  • Protective foam
  • Printed literature
  • Corrugated shipper box with shock-absorbing foam surround


renderings of packaging for a diagnostics device

RRD’s overall packaging (above) and life sciences expertise coupled with the strong engineering and design process provided the confidence needed to execute the program. The eye-care clinics who have adopted this diagnostic equipment benefit from ease of protected product storage along with the convenience of associated consumables and informational literature all contained in one integrated unit.


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