Samples Fulfillment Program Success Story

8/15/2019 RRD

Samples Fulfillment Program Success Story

A Study in Success: Samples Fulfillment Program Support


RRD’s customer is a recognized global provider of specialized nutritional products. The customer’s marketing programs are aimed at creating brand awareness and maintaining long term customer loyalty. These marketing programs focus on delivering personalized nutrition packs direct to expectant mothers and they require a robust supply chain to manage the B2C (Business to Consumer) fulfillment.

Due to the complex nature and customization involved with supporting multiple marketing programs, the customer needed a solution that could manage complexity, provide a high level of B2C service, improve flexibility and reduce costs. The customer required a provider that is capable of:

  • Procuring and distributing marketing materials
  • Managing over 3 million kits per annum and 5000 Business Reply Cards (BRC) per week
  • Handling food samples
  • Fulfilling direct to consumer
  • Check printing
  • Coupon and customer welcome letter customization
  • Supporting events
  • Managing rebate programs
  • PO box management

A rapid program transition within an aggressive time-frame and budget needed to be implemented without an adverse impact on active marketing programs.


RRD’s comprehensive B2C solution has the specific systems and processes to manage sample nutritional fulfillment for eCommerce and direct to consumer programs.

This agile platform is highly responsive to changes in market demand and allows for flexible production schedules. The key aspects of the solution designed to support the customer’s marketing programs include:

  • Centralized communication and account management activities
  • Robust sourcing and procurement solutions
  • An integrated IT platform enabling real-time processes and supply chain visibility
  • Offshore Business Reply Cards (BRC) data capture
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database integration
  • Secure, automated personalized content printing including checks and coupons
  • Personalized order kitting
  • Lot and expiry date tracking with cGMP compliant (21 CFR part 110)
  • Temperature control warehouse and production area
  • Integrated outbound logistics model
  • Food handling regulatory compliance


RRD's world class solution enabled the customer to gain greater control of product marketing programs while improving flexibility and reducing cost. By implementing RRD’s supply chain redesign the customer achieved:

  • A reduction in supply chain costs of 30%
  • Improved resource utilization by eliminating redundant resources
  • Gained the ability to scale with flexible production schedules (Initial 20% increase in volume)
  • Improved customer order quality
  • An integrated solution from BRC data capture, collateral printing and order fulfillment
  • Reduced time-to-market


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