Print Management Solution Consolidates Vendors, Cuts Costs by 20% | Healthcare

12/24/2021 RRD

Print Management Solution Consolidates Vendors, Cuts Costs by 20% | Healthcare

Assessment enables health system to regain control of its print and label environment 


Over the years, RRD has provided products to a large integrated health system that its primary print supplier could not. Through this supportive relationship, RRD became aware of the organization’s struggle to gain greater control and reduce costs pertaining to its print and label environment. 

Thanks in part to RRD’s position as a trusted print vendor — not to mention label capabilities through our stock UAL and custom offering — the integrated health system made the decision to address these challenges by consolidating their print under one vendor.

RRD defined the steps required for a successful conversion. This included a program that identified substantial price savings associated with forms, UAL labels, and custom labels.


For the client to begin to regain control of its print and label environment, RRD determined that an inventory analysis was necessary along with departmental assessments at each of its facilities. These assessments included identifying specific products each one purchased as well as any associated concerns. 

Following the assessments, RRD took action: 

  • Redesigning over 100 SKUs into 40 standardized warehoused items that all facilities accessed 
  • Providing a complete cross reference of all label items for the entire system
  • Consolidating label vendors from eight down to two 
  • Launching ConnectOne Storefront, RRD’s industry leading e-commerce system, to manage and control print purchasing
  • Meeting weekly with the client to review purchase requests and special requirements


Redesigned 100+ SKUs into 40 standardized warehoused items

75% reduction in label vendors through consolidation

Overall print spend savings of 20% in first year

RRD helped the integrated health system reduce their print spend. Redesigns, value added analysis and leveraging all purchases with RRD resulted in significant savings in forms (28%), UAL labels (21%), and stock computer paper (12%).   

More importantly, our services streamlined purchasing activities and put in place several process improvements that have an intangible value. 

For this, RRD moved from “vendor” status to a “trusted advisor” and secured a contract extension that evolved into new print-on-demand opportunities as well as work previously produced in the client's outsourced print center. 


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