Growing CBD Company Meets Market Demand, Stands Out on the Shelf | Retail

2/17/2022 RRD

Growing CBD Company Meets Market Demand, Stands Out on the Shelf | Retail

Leaning on a trusted packaging and supply chain expert eases scaling challenges to elevate brand


CV Sciences, a fast-growing CBD product manufacturer, lacked the specialized resources needed to bring commercial products (e.g., gummy supplements) to market efficiently and stand out among the competition. 

“We needed to further educate the CBD consumer about our product offerings by maximizing our presence in the retail space,” says Montey Dunn, Sr. Director of Marketing at CV Sciences. “Increasing sales and brand awareness in an oversaturated and under-regulated industry was key to our ongoing successes.”

Achieving this success would require:

  • Managing multiple suppliers and a complex supply chain
  • Designing multi-component packaging and display placement for various retail configurations 
  • Scaling production art with the proliferation of SKUs to keep up with new product launches
  • Keeping up with new orders for popular products

Securing a single-source supplier to address these challenges would benefit the company during this period of growth.


With a comprehensive network of resources at hand, RRD was able to undertake and remedy the company’s growing pains. RRD helped support the distribution of multiple product lines (over 50 SKUs) to 20 retail chains, totaling more than 7,000 stores. 

The following RRD capabilities gave support to the company’s production and scaling needs:

  • End-to-end supply chain network offered the scalability and creative variety for positioning premium CBD products to stand out among the competition.
  • Packaging engineers used state-of-the-art 3D rendering to support the visualization of commercialized end products and displays with precisely required specs.
  • RRD managed the quick shipping and inventory of all printed materials, packaging, and displays to contract manufacturers, keeping up with demand from retail chains.
  • Kitting and fulfillment of pre-sealed products also helped with specialized and bundled orders.

By streamlining supply chain services — design, printing, labels, displays, kitting, and fulfillment — CV Sciences received the proper support in a competitive market to renew brand image stewardship, save time and money, and react effectively to increased demands. 


“From package design to supply chain management, RRD’s experience in bringing a product to market quickly and effectively was evident,” adds Dunn. “By partnering with RRD, we found the support we needed to grow multiple product lines, keep up with demand, and stand out as a premium product.”

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