Worldwide Moving Company Adopts Linerless Labels to Protect Cargo

8/3/2022 RRD

Worldwide Moving Company Adopts Linerless Labels to Protect Cargo

CleanTac® adhesive endures the moving journey and prevents surface damage 


While handling the printing needs for a worldwide provider of relocation and moving solutions, RRD discovered this client was having challenges with their box tag application.

Since the move handlers are responsible for tracking all items that are moved, the handlers tag every box, piece of furniture, and appliance with a consecutively numbered label. The labels were a perforated, variably-imaged adhesive tape that the movers removed from large rolls and applied to all items. 

While this system worked for many years, RRD noticed that the label adhesive could cause damage to furniture and household items. A better adhesive option could be used to prevent damage and provide a level of damage-free service. To meet all usage requirements, the labels had to be:

  • Durable – withstand the course of handling and the entire journey
  • Removable – cleanly and easily, with no residue left behind
  • Versatile – work on a variety of surfaces
  • Capable of variable imaging
  • Priced competitively

Since RRD can scale and tailor label solutions to meet strict specifications at high levels of quality and consistency, a solution was within reach.


RRD and the client collaborated to develop a variably imaged, linerless product that would be finished in very small rolls. RRD’s proprietary CleanTac® adhesive was used for this application, with a slight modification to meet the client’s requirements. CleanTac is a repositionable adhesive that allows a label to be securely affixed to almost any surface, then removed intact with no damage to the label or the surface. When lifted, CleanTac labels leave no stain, discoloration, or sticky residue that must be scraped off or removed with solvents. 

The linerless solution was tested at numerous locations with excellent results, as the adhesive performed flawlessly. Also, as linerless, there was no backer material for disposal. This sustainable solution was easy for the movers to use and enabled them to keep track of all items.

Not only did the variably-imaged linerless CleanTac labels perform much better than the option it replaced, but they also provided greater efficiency with more labels per roll.

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