E-Commerce Brand Switches to Clean Tac® for Product Return Labels | Retail

8/3/2022 RRD

E-Commerce Brand Switches to Clean Tac® for Product Return Labels | Retail

Specialty adhesive eliminates the need for individual protective poly bags 


A large e-commerce organization began accepting returns at over 1,000 of its own physical retail locations. This localized, in-person process was designed to improve the customer experience and make returning something purchased online as easy as possible.

At the point of return, a license plate barcode label is provided and applied to the returned merchandise to identify what is being returned once received at the returns warehouse. 

When this label solution was first rolled out, associates would place each individual item being returned into a poly bag and then affix the license plate label to the bag. The bag was used to protect the returned product and its packaging from any damage that the return labels would cause. Protecting the product was necessary because, in most cases, it would be restocked and resold.


finger lifting up tab side of Clean Tac label showing a barcodeRRD Labels Solutions identified a more efficient solution for adhering labels during the return process: RRD's proprietary Clean Tac® adhesive. Clean Tac allows a label to be directly applied to a product or its packaging without damaging or leaving residue behind upon its removal at a returns warehouse. 

To accommodate the glove-wearing warehouse associates, RRD designed a unique double die cut construction that left a section on the back of the label without adhesive to make it easy for the warehouse associate to lift and remove the label while wearing gloves.

Clean Tac has eliminated the need for individual poly bags and keeps the returned products undamaged and ready for resale.

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