Drive meaningful customer-brand connections through proven packaging design services.

Packaging is often the first experience consumers have with your brand on their path to purchase. It’s what they rely on to identify the right product.

Getting that right requires a custom packaging provider uniquely capable of bringing concepts to life with virtually any form, fit, or function imaginable.

Our expertise includes

Structural design and engineering

Material and decorative exploration

3D rendering and prototype development

RRD Packaging Solutions provides access to a wide spectrum of creative services — including photography, translation, content management, and prepress services.

Packaging design methodology

We work closely with our clients to gain a deep understanding of their product and the keys to its success.

To ensure consistent performance and dependable success, our experienced team of engineers and creatives have built a tried-and-true packaging design methodology on these five pillars:

  • Product presentation

    Product presentation

    Approaching all aspects of the package as a component of product — accounting for configuration, retail requirements, distribution considerations, and protective properties

  • Environmental impact

    Environmental impact

    Factoring in material and manufacturing sustainability, market requirements, end-of-life implications, and overarching corporate social responsibility needs

  • Brand continuity

    Brand continuity

    Assessing how the package and in-box materials function as a seamless extension of the brand — considering opening experience, graphic treatment and way-finding, and textural qualities

  • Cost efficiency

    Cost efficiency

    Developing comprehensive, balanced solutions that meet both product and cost requirements

  • Manufacturing excellence

    Manufacturing excellence

    Ensuring brand and product needs concur with material availability, production and regulatory requirements, as well as pack-out and distribution complexities

Sustainable packaging design: an old concept now more important than ever

Packaging design has an opportunity to play a larger role in your brand’s sustainability initiatives. Lean on your packaging supplier to innovate, identify, and capture the sustainable packaging design opportunities that lay ahead.

It starts with asking your supplier the right questions.

  • Can we use less material?
  • Can we improve the perception of sustainability by incorporating other materials?
  • Can we mix materials to create a smaller packaging footprint?
  • Does a smaller package always translate to better sustainability?
  • Do your sustainability efforts have a place in our product’s story?

Have trouble getting straight answers? RRD Packaging Solutions can help.

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Get connected.

Today’s buyer journey is anything but a straight line. To produce innovative yet functional packaging designs that increase brand recognition and optimize CX, it takes an expert.

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