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RRD Avenue enables variable content automation for retail through a dynamic solution that combines powerful workflow technologies with deep production resources. The result: stores efficiently create location-specific marketing materials while they cut production time and labor costs.

An integrated, transformative solution

In-store marketing needs vary widely across locations. Many retailers have relied on manual processes to produce signage and operational materials that address specific location needs — within brand guidelines.

Designed to simplify these complexities, RRD’s automated solution integrates both company and customer information in a unified data center. This enables rapid and precise development, production, and distribution of location-tailored kits. It’s also known to cut the project cycle from as many as 15 steps down to as few as four.

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This solution allows our customers to improve their in-store marketing execution and focus their efforts on driving actual sales.”

— John Pecaric, President of Marketing Solutions and Business Services

Delivering high-impact benefits

Our best-in-class digital asset management and proofing automation tools are compatible with virtually all legacy systems, enabling quick and easy implementation to help you start achieving new levels of in-store marketing efficiency and performance.

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Signage Localization: Why It Matters To The Future Of In-Store CX

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