IFU Redesign Meets Production Deadline, Increases Sustainability, Lowers Costs | Life Sciences

9/6/2022 RRD

IFU Redesign Meets Production Deadline, Increases Sustainability, Lowers Costs | Life Sciences

A reduction in paper weight leads to successful new diagnostic product launch and decreased production costs


A leading molecular diagnostics company sought assistance producing instructions for use (IFU) documentation. Navigating an extremely short lead time due to a new diagnostic kit launch, the company needed an update to its existing multi-page IFU form, which could not be produced in time.


Due to previous success working with RRD on labels, packaging, and commercial print, the client entrusted RRD to develop a turnkey solution to produce the IFUs on time. Working closely with the client, RRD designed three new IFU components to increase speed to market, sustainability, and accuracy — all at a lower cost. 

Instead of using two different paper types, which was necessary under their existing IFU process, RRD standardized the paper, sourcing thinner, lighter-weight paper. Replacing the existing 80# stock with 50# stock allowed for lower shipping costs and a more natural fit into the diagnostic kits. The reduction in stock also enabled quicker, more streamlined ordering. 

The client’s previous documents included cut sheets with a staple holding the sheets together. RRD’s streamlined IFU design was printed on a fully folded single sheet, eliminating the staple and making the document both quicker to produce and 100% recyclable. 

While remote working environments caused additional challenges, RRD created specialized videos showcasing designs and folding techniques that could be shared virtually across client teams and modified in real-time. This process saved significant time throughout the manufacturing process and helped the client meet their strict deadline.


RRD’s successful IFU redesign led to a paperweight reduction (for the three new IFU components) of 6.2%, 23.8%, and 48.9% across 300K pieces, decreasing freight and shipping costs. Additional improvements included:

  • 100% document recyclability due to staple removal
  • 15% decrease in IFU production costs
  • 30% faster turn time — from 3 weeks to 2 weeks — with reduced finishing due to single-sheet printing with no staple
  • Increased accuracy due to elimination of potential for missing pages in the bindery

The client continues a close-knit relationship with RRD, and is looking to grow and expand the successful IFU program. Additionally, the client continues to work with RRD on label and packaging solutions. 

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