Custom In-Store Wall Covering Solution Meets Client's Demands | Grocery

1/6/2021 RRD

Custom In-Store Wall Covering Solution Meets Client's Demands | Grocery

Digitally-printed wallpaper delivers significant cost savings and a custom look 


A leading Canadian grocery retailer was seeking a supplier for digitally printed adhesive vinyl graphics to be produced and installed on walls in one of its new-build stores.

Before applying the vinyl graphics, textured brick panels were to be affixed to these walls using a special grout. Then the entire surface would be hand-painted to mimic a rustic patina. Installation of vinyl on this surface would be challenging, costly, and time-consuming.  


RRD's in-store marketing specialists provided a viable solution that would meet the client’s demands and achieve the desired result — at a significant savings. 

After analyzing the requirements, RRD recommended recreating the entire effect with digitally-printed wallpaper. This approach allowed the client to avoid the cost of materials and labor for the brick veneer, the custom painting to “age” the brick, and the application of the vinyl graphics.

Our team then worked directly with the client’s design firm to guide them in creating graphics to match the specifications.

RRD print capabilities and expertise related to the wallpaper material enabled the production of a high-quality product and its installation in a significantly shorter timeframe for the client. Moving forward, the client has made it clear this wall covering solution will continue to be utilized.

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