Integrated Supply Chain Solution Drives Reimagined Welcome Pack | Travel

4/16/2020 RRD

Integrated Supply Chain Solution Drives Reimagined Welcome Pack | Travel

Disruptor in cruise industry faced with considerable supply chain challenges  


A multinational company recently entered the luxury cruise industry wanting to disrupt the market. Step one to disruption? Reimagine passenger welcome packs.

With connectivity and sustainability top of mind, these innovative welcome packs contained a luggage tag and a bluetooth-enabled wearable device (used to store boarding information and make on-board purchases). Both were available in a variety of colors depending on the level of service ordered by the passenger.

In total, there were 12 different combinations of welcome kit available. This welcome pack program represented a considerable supply chain challenge incorporating a range of elements including order management, quality, device configuration, kitting, labeling, and fulfillment.

With an estimated 200,000 passengers set to sail in year one, the client needed a multifaceted solution that could manage complexity and also scale as new ships are added to the fleet in the future. 


RRD developed an integrated solution, taking on the management of the entire welcome pack supply chain. The solution contained the following elements:

  1. Shipping the wearable device in bulk from the original device manufacturer (ODM) to an RRD facility, where the device would then be configured — i.e., bluetooth low energy (BLE) is activated and the RFID unique identifier information is read and logged in the system against a specific passenger.
  2. At the same RRD facility, passengers' names are etched onto each device for greater personalization.
  3. Individual luggage tags and shipping address labels are also printed, and all items are packed into a box and a 100% compostable mailer bag .
  4. The welcome pack is then  shipped to the end customer and a tracking record is assigned to each customer record.


RRD’s wide-ranging capabilities enabled the development of an integrated solution, which provided the client a single point of contact for the entire welcome pack supply chain. The key benefits of the RRD welcome pack solution included:

  • Personalization. RRD enabled the company to provide a highly personalized welcome pack to new customers
  • Sustainability. By leveraging 100% compostable mailer bags, RRD helped the company maintain their commitment to the environment. 
  • Visibility. We developed a transparent order management process with complete order-to-delivery tracking made possible by attaching RFID tags to the wearable device.
  • Delivery. On time delivery of standard and expedited welcome pack orders.

Through a combination of lean handling processes, custom software, and automation, this solution scales efficiently to meet increasing passenger numbers.


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