Label Solutions

With the ability to produce labels on narrow or wide web presses — leveraging a wide array of print technologies including flexo, offset, screen, and digital — leading brands count on RRD as their one-stop-shop for cost-effective pressure sensitive labels.

We’re uniquely capable of either scaling or tailoring solutions to meet the strictest of specifications, all while ensuring the highest levels of quality and consistency. From application support to label design and specialty printing on demand for both industry and trade, there’s virtually no label need RRD can’t meet.

Durable Labels

RRD provides durable labels that stand up to the challenges of abrasion, temperature, moisture, chemicals, and quality. Robust adhesives, rugged materials, and durable printing make our industrial labels ideal for even the toughest applications, while adhering to applicable standards and effectively communicating brand messages.

RRD’s deep expertise in manufacturing Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and other compliance labels will help you address UL required specifications related to materials, artwork, and proper marking for UL Audit compliance:

RRD’s UL Capabilities

  • PGAA authorization to print UL mark
  • UL classified marks
  • UL listed marks
  • Type R labels
  • Type L labels
  • UL 969
  • UL- and ANSI-compliant safety labels
  • GHS labels
  • Language translation
  • cUL
  • UL recognized components
  • File numbers: PGDQ2.MH12359 and PGJI2.MH16296
  • Flexo, screen, and digital print
  • 7 UL production facilities across the U.S.
  • An extensive list of pre-approved UL materials with laminations
  • Graphic overlays
  • Dome labels

Prime and Packaging Labels

RRD’s prime and packaging labels provide brilliant colors and unique designs printed on paper or film. We use the most advanced technologies to ensure the highest print quality, precise registration, consistent color, and clear type for each label we print.

Our in-house label lab experts can help identify the label materials that best match your marketing goals, application environment, and budget.

  • Pressure sensitive labels
  • Cut-and-stack labels
  • Instant redeemable coupon (IRC) labels
  • Extended content, multi-ply, booklet labels
  • Label embellishments

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Pressure Sensitive Labels

Choose from a wide spectrum of paper, film, and specialty substrate options to provide virtually any appearance possible, from sleek and invisible to nostalgic and paper-based. Our pressure sensitive labels offer high efficiency related to application methods and requirements, including UV, water, and environmental resistance. With adhesives ranging from ultra-removable to ultra-permanent, our array of cost-effective options include extreme heat- and cold-resistant labels.

RRD’s application engineers identify, test, and recommend the ideal material for your label, plus embellishments such as spot varnishes, hot stamp or cold foil, embossing, or specialty laminations. RRD’s brand protection offerings for pressure sensitive labels include:

  • Tamper-evident materials
  • Track and trace features
  • Security slits
  • Holograms
  • Microtext
  • UV/infrared inks
  • RFID

Cut-and-Stack Labels

Designed for flawless operation with special stay-flat construction, RRD’s cut-and-stack labels are produced using our seven-color offset presses with Gracol 7 technology.

Digital presses can provide an economical solution without sacrificing quality and production value. Material options include paper varieties, film, and specialty finishing materials.


  • 50-, 55- and 60-pound C1S
  • OGR (Oil and Grease Resistant)
  • Wet strength
  • Metalized
  • Recycled


  • Clear, metalized and white synthetic


  • Special coatings – aqueous, UV, soft-touch, matte, pearlescent, tactile
  • Die-cutting and special shapes

Instant Redeemable Coupons

Instant redeemable coupons (IRCs) effectively grab the attention of the readers and prompt action. RRD can create eye-catching advertisements that distinguish your product from the competition.

Extended Content, Multi-ply, and Booklet Labels

These expandable and re-sealable labels clearly and cost-effectively communicate complex regulatory copy, instruction sets, and/or multi-language content without diminishing brand elements.

Additional capabilities include:

  • Up to seven (7) panels
  • Seal and reseal
  • Multiple closure techniques

Label Embellishments

Adding embellishments to your prime and packaging labels — such as spot varnish, hot stamp/cold foil, or embossing — is a proven method to engage customers and drive action. RRD has the expertise to help make your products shine and jump off the shelves.

  • Linerless Labels

    Linerless Labels

    RRD’s high quality, patented linerless labels offer the most options in today’s market. Many of today’s leading global brands rely on RRD as their one-stop-shop for pre-printed or direct thermal linerless labels. We offer cost effective, safe, and environmentally-friendly linerless labels with the following capabilities:

    • Up to four-color process printing
    • Direct thermal rolls as small as 0.44" core for mobile printers
    • Perforated or non-perforated labels
    • Sense mark preprinted on label back

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    • Strip coated adhesive/silicone
    • CleanTac® (repositional), VersaTac, and permanent adhesives available
    • Durable surface
  • Pharmaceutical Labels

    Pharmaceutical Labels

    RRD provides a range of cost-effective solutions tailored to meet the constantly-evolving regulatory and compliance labeling needs in the pharmaceutical industry.

    With extensive market experience, we are uniquely capable of offering insights on how new technologies, materials, market forces, or the latest rules and regulations may impact your labels and packaging requirements.

    From product development to delivered components, our application engineers provide consultative guidance, leveraging seasoned management and cGMP expertise to allow you to focus on what matters most: your business.

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  • Identification Solutions

    Identification Solutions

    RFID smart labels provide intelligent packaging for future automation and IoT applications. Our RFID solution set includes HF, UHF, and NFC transponders, tag and label converting, as well as systems integration to include readers, printers, software, and consulting.

    RRD serves as a single-source supplier of a wide spectrum of RFID solutions, from integration and support to project management. Our unique offerings include:

    • RFID media manufacturing and converting capabilities
    • A dedicated engineering group focused solely on designing smart solutions
    • Continuous expansion of our RFID technologies to meet virtually any application possibility:
      • Media facestocks, from low-cost papers to durable films
      • Label, tag, or adhesive-backed inlay
      • Adhesives for different surfaces
      • Pre-printed labels, from single to multi-color
      • Printing and encoding options
  • CleanTac Labels

    CleanTac Labels

    CleanTac is a repositional adhesive which allows a label to be securely affixed to most any surface, then removed intact and reapplied many times over with no damage to the label or the surface.

    Our CleanTac repositional adhesive lets you avoid wasting reusable packaging, and unlike ordinary removable labels, can always be removed and reapplied quickly and cleanly, even after being in place for years.

    When lifted, CleanTac labels leave no stain, discoloration or a sticky residue that must be scraped off or removed with solvents. CleanTac adhesive can be specified for conventional linered labels or RRD’s linerless labels.

Printers, Applicators & Scanners

RRD maintains partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers, making it easy for you to receive end-to-end hardware and software solutions from a single source.

  • Thermal printers
  • Barcode scanner
  • RFID scanners, readers, and supporting hardware
  • Printer applicators
  • Supporting software

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Government Decals

RRD is an established security printer with over 50 years of experience providing a wide variety of label solutions for federal, state, local governments and educational institutions — including decals, vital records, checks, titles, books, coupons, packages and more. We bolster our solution suite with multiple secure facilities that deliver critical disaster recovery solutions.

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Government Department Products
Motor vehicles Vehicle decals
Vehicle registration
Temporary license plates
Transportation Tickets for public transportation (with or without RFID)
Container marking labels
Warning/safety labels
Industry standard labels
Receipts for toll collection
Natural resources Hunting/fishing licenses (label-form combinations)
Parking enforcement Self-pay parking receipts
Education Price labels for bookstores
ID cards
Parking stickers
RFID library tracking labels
Promotional student recruitment gifts
Health Prescription labels for the healthcare facilities
Robust UAL platform
Recreation Park passes (window stickers, form-label combinations)
Environment Emission stickers
All Mailing labels, asset labels
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