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E-Adoption rates are stuck because PDFs have fallen flat. They don’t add enough value to replace what people like about paper statements. Their static nature is comforting, but consumers don’t like the lack of interaction and historical comparisons when those same documents are presented online.

That all changes with SuperDoc.

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SuperDoc 101

The SuperDoc add-on is a secure feature for your website, unleashing a powerful layer of interactivity for any PDF.

Combining sector-specific platforms and customized widgets, its interactive power unlocks new ways for customers to get more from their PDF statements, bills, policies, and other transactional communications:

  • Compare statements month-to-month, quarter-to-quarter and year-to-year
  • Search activity by vendor, date, amount, and more
  • Model future usage and activity
  • Use payoff calculators
  • Learn about upgrade details
  • Research local data like weather history or property values
  • Make payments faster

The SuperDoc enhancement helps your customers better understand their personal business documents — how they spend and save, and how their accounts change.

The SuperDoc add-on easily integrates as a pop-up or within your website’s frame, fully maintaining your branding and authentication for a seamless, secure user experience.

  1. Import. Our patented DC+ platform imports client transactional document data (raw data or print-ready formats), links with additional data sources you maintain and can even include external third-party data.
  2. Extract and tag. Data is converted to a proprietary XML-based format and validated based on document type and salient data points.
  3. Enable. Content is then parsed into structured data and unstructured data for the SuperDoc user interface.
  4. Power. Users log in to your website and open PDF statements. SuperDoc layers interactivity over the static PDF while keeping compliance-required data uneditable.

The SuperDoc Value Prop

Customizable for your enterprise

We’ve built sector-specific platforms that you can customize further for your business.

One-stop solution

The SuperDoc feature fully integrates with our DC+, Powerstream and PIVOT platforms to support additional deliveries and workflows.

Access to innovation

Increase e-Adoption rates and improve the user experience with new ways to interact.


The SuperDoc UX helps your customers save time while you save money and effort in expanding customer engagement.

Eco-friendly alternative

Support your green initiatives by cutting down on printed materials, associated consumables, and waste, plus deliver content faster to your customers.

Security and control

Our solution can be authenticated and hosted on your website, and the Activated Content is sent via an encrypted connection.

SuperDoc Video

Learn more about the SuperDoc web enhancement today.

superdoc web enhancement

Add a layer of interactivity.


Turn PDF statements into powerful tools for your customers — and your company. With SuperDoc, brands can finally unlock new ways for customers to get more from their transactional communications.

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