Build, manage, and deliver business-critical customer messaging in less time, at less cost.

A clear message, swift reaction, consistent process flow, and reliable delivery path — these are essential elements in effective customer communications.

With QuickComms by RRD, businesses gain a best-in-class communications management solution to seamlessly generate and distribute on-brand, business-critical letters and emails to customers.


QuickComms at work

Simplified workflows, accelerated cycle times, enhanced correspondence accuracy — your business goals become attainable with RRD’s quick communications platform, thanks in part to these standout features:

Populate content zones to drive educational, promotional or compliance messages that grab attention

Available integration with RRD’s content archive for a direct path to standard mail and email delivery

Automated content creation via templates designed to highlight your brand message

Case Study

Automated Migration of Complex Letter Templates Drives Efficiency

A leading healthcare provider needed to replace an outdated, in-house services platform. RRD offered QuickLetter as a comprehensive, integrated, and scalable letter generation system.

SEE THE CASE STUDYAutomated Migration of Complex Letter Templates Drives Efficiency

Quick, to the value proposition

RRD’s QuickEmail, QuickLetter, and QuickBill solutions have synergized into a single platform that makes managing variable content in multiple file formats intuitive and swift. QuickComms by RRD makes the following possible:

  • Craft personalized and global communications
  • Rapid implementation and template setup
  • Access to communication experts specializing in your industry
  • Minimal to zero IT requirements

A deeper dive:

  • QuickEmail


    Thanks to our user-friendly QuickEmail interface, organizations can improve interaction and capture greater response through confidently designed, highly engaging emails. Here’s how:

    • Self servicing of email content
    • An unlimited number of email templates
    • Rapid email template setup and deployment
    • Use of easy link to upload communications
    • Zero IT requirements
    • Upload and manage email distribution lists (.txt)
    • Real-time adaptive delivery
    • Tracking and reporting through RRD's PIVOT eDeliver platform

    This convenient solution features a document storage integration within RRD’s PIVOT Archive platform, which enhances your emails to seamlessly and securely access any type of uploaded customer communication.

  • QuickLetter


    When critical communications require fast turnaround, QuickLetter can compress the time necessary to formulate the content, set up the template, and get it into production within hours — not days.


    Rapid cycle times and quicker speed-to-market, with an estimated implementation time of between 10-14 hours


    Integrated PIVOT tools, including proofing, reporting, tracking, and archiving


    A dedicated RRD support team of experts ensures optimal compliance and branding safeguards with minimal IT involvement

    QuickLetter simplifies workflows to accelerate cycle times and enhance the accuracy of correspondence — a critical requirement for vital compliance, operational, and crisis communications.

  • QuickBill


    Powered by RRD’s best-in-class hosted customer communications management platform, QuickBill delivers a seamless, consistent billing and payment experience across physical and digital channels. This end-to-end solution features:

    • Quick, customizable template setup with minimal IT involvement
    • Site-agnostic output
    • Multiple input file types
      (e.g., .xls, .txt, .xml)
    • Centralized proofing and approval tool
    • Expedited workflow(less than two days)
    • Address hygiene and postage discounts

    Intelligent and intuitive, QuickBill was developed for easier integration with legacy systems to help businesses meet elevated customer demand for efficient and secure billing and payment options.

Industries in play

Accurate and agile — QuickComms by RRD empowers customer communication creation and distribution for leading companies among the Fortune 1000 across numerous market segments.

Financial Services


Business Services




As a leader in transactional mail, digital print, and digital delivery, our team of experts are ready to address your industry-specific needs.

How information security drives compliance

QuickComms by RRD leverages the RRD PIVOT platform, which provides security and scalability to handle your customer communication needs.

Over 1,500 businesses trust RRD with the secure delivery of key transactional documents and customer communications. We offer enterprise-wide, global IT governance organization and services for a broad range of data security, privacy regulations, and compliance standards — including HIPAA, GLBA, PIPEDA, EU GDPR, and Safe Harbour.

Enable innovative content delivery for high impact results.

With QuickComms by RRD, become
a communications expert no matter the

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