Packaging Experts Help Brewery Minimize Carbon Footprint | Beverage

3/30/2023 RRD

Packaging Experts Help Brewery Minimize Carbon Footprint | Beverage

RRD’s FSC®-certified packaging solution provides responsibly sourced materials, decreases carbon footprint of leading craft brewery


A leading independent regional craft brewery sought to minimize their carbon footprint while maximizing opportunities for increased sustainability.

Already an industry leader in sustainability, the brewery’s leadership was surprised to learn during a consultation with RRD that although their existing packaging material was recyclable, it was being produced with virgin fiber as opposed to recycled board. Upon this discovery, the brewery sought recycled, responsibly sourced 6- and 12-pack carrier packaging in order to reduce their carbon footprint and double down on existing sustainability initiatives.

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The brewery entrusted RRD’s packaging experts to provide a solution that could meet their packaging inventory needs and deadlines while also improving sustainability. RRD took a consultative approach to the partnership, setting up regular status meetings and working alongside internal client teams.

The existing packaging was not Forest Stewardship Council®- (FSC) certified, meaning it was made of fiber that did come from responsibly managed forests. RRD identified a 100% recycled, FSC-certified paperboard solution, cut samples of their existing packaging structure onto the new board, and then brought them to the brewery’s Packaging Director for materials testing. 

After a successful evaluation, the structure and artwork were proofed and approved. With the official FSC logo now featured on all packaging, the brewery is able to show customers that they truly are committed to their strong sustainability initiatives.


RRD’S proactive approach and packaging solutions provided the following benefits:

  • FSC-certified, responsibly sourced paperboard
  • Introduction of 100% recycled paperboard
  • Increased sustainability and adherence to long-term business objectives

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