RRD Facility Spotlight: RRD Labels – Milwaukee

12/5/2023 RRD

RRD Facility Spotlight: RRD Labels – Milwaukee

RRD Labels – Milwaukee is a 67,000-square-foot facility that produces industrial durable labels. The plant also houses a lab where new ideas turn into innovative, long-lasting solutions for even the most complicated labels challenges.

Mike Kozlowski, the facility’s Director of Operations, set some time aside to share his insight into what sets this production site apart from the rest.

What about RRD Labels – Milwaukee makes it unique in the current marketplace?

Mike Kozlowski (MK):  We are truly an industry leader in producing industrial durable labels — especially when the label is of unique construction. We have the only screen-printing department in the platform, providing customers with a one-stop shop and delivering labels that have greater durability and longer-lasting color.

In addition to our print capabilities, we have an extremely experienced and talented team. Every single department has employees who are dedicated to upholding our customer service and quality expectations. We all really aim to deliver a best-in-class experience for all of our customers.

If you had to narrow it down to one, what do you consider to be the Milwaukee plant’s forte?

MK: Priority #1 in our facility is a safe work environment. This is ingrained in our culture and is something we discuss every day. We have a longstanding record of having zero recordable cases, and that is the standard we continuously hold ourselves to. Safety is always #1.

Our next focus is on the customer experience. We have an exceptional quality record and a team that is acutely focused on customer engagement. Whether it is an external or internal customer, the treatment is always the same. We pride ourselves in seeing all customers as very important.

Can you share a recent success story that showcases this capability?

MK: Recently, a medical device producer came to us for help developing a label for their laboratory process. They were concerned about both the quality and durability of the label, and had a lot of questions surrounding the testing controls that we do. In an effort to address their concerns, we invited their leadership to tour the facility to see what we do and ask questions.

Because of what they learned in that meeting, the customer was extremely satisfied with our quality process and eventually allowed us to complete a test order. After the test order was sent to them, they told us that the label performed as we said it would — which was better than their current supplier. They are now a customer.

When talking about the Milwaukee plant to an RRD associate or even a potential customer, what’s the one thing you find yourself repeating time and time again?

MK: Our Milwaukee Labels facility is a medium- to short-run plant that focuses on — but is not limited to —  industrial durable labels. We have the only screen-printing department in the platform, which provides greater label quality and helps us deliver a fantastic customer experience.

We pride ourselves on our safety record, and we strive to deliver a refreshing experience to our customers with both excellent quality and customer service.

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