Our digital marketing campaign management team provides a level of expertise & flexibility to support every customer interaction, within multiple channels.

With a combined view of the brand experience, campaign objectives and execution requirements, we execute successful campaigns that offer big returns.

From one-time emails to the management of entire marketing campaign calendars...

We provide guidance, supplement current teams or deliver from start to finish.

Customized campaign management, at a glance.

Critical to businesses with limited resource capacity, advanced data requirements and gaps in platform support expectations, our campaign teams perform these critical functions:

  • Project Management. Aligns resources and ensures deadlines are met.
  • Data Transformation. Translates data into actionable strategies.
  • Production. Configures campaign elements.
  • Execution. Launches campaigns and reports performance.
  • Quality Assurance. Performs proofing and comprehensive testing.
campaign team performing quality assurance
Tim Thies

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Tim Thies, Senior Business Development Manager
Tim Thies
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Tim Thies, Senior Business Development Manager
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